Adventures in Dawgrading, ctd.

You know, it takes real skill to discuss the subject of whether what happened in the SECCG affected Tua’s chances to win the Heisman without mentioning Georgia by name.


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  1. Anyone notice Tua took his walking boot off and stopped using the scooter as soon as all the votes were in?

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  2. 81Dog


    There’s the small matter of the fact that Alabama was behind when Tua got hurt, and very possibly wouldn’t have been able win the game. I have no complaint that Tua lost the Heisman, and I would have had no complaints had he won. Both he and Murray had outstanding years and either would have been a deserving winner. I guess we should all be grateful for being spared the unholy fury that would have come from a better effort than alabama’s B—- game. We are just a minor impediment, we couldn’t possibly be their equal.


  3. Granthams replacement

    Precursor to how god’s gift to football fans will respond in 2019 when Kirby opens a can on Saban in the championship game.


  4. ChiliDawg

    Tua lost the Heisman because he kept slipping in puddles of his own piss with DeAndre Walker chasing him around.

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  5. Bulldog Joe

    Saw Murray play a great deal this season. Given his value to that team and the way he finished, he is deserving of the award.


  6. moe pritchett

    After he heals himself completely, Tua will demonstrate by walking on water. Saban will then be serving wine he recently made from water he has drawn from the Tombigee River.


    • 81Dog

      Will Tua arrive in Miami by stepping out of a burning bush?

      (there’s a Eugene Robinson comparison to be made there. I just can’t quite nail it. Which is also what Eugene said)


  7. Uglydawg.

    I’m not happy that Tua was denied the thing. He seems like a fine young man to me. I was thinking that maybe he deserved it over Murray, but Bulldawg Joe’s post (8:45) changed my mind.
    Bama could have probably accomplished every single thing it did with it’s backup QB in the game. In fact, JH bailed them out against UGA.
    That can’t be said about Murray’s situation..Had he been injured, OK wouldn’t be OK.
    That does make him the most valuable player for his team.
    (I think.)
    Had UGA not stumbled against LSU, it would stink that Fromm wasn’t even in the conversation.


    • Bat City Dawg

      OU gave up what over 40 pts a game? They NEEDED Murray, whereas Tua was a nice to have for Bama. I think it was no contest, Murray was far more deserving.


  8. Macallanlover

    UGA’s defensive effort is getting no credit, anywhere. All being attributed to his injuries coming into the game, Wish he had stayed in for the whole 4th quarter, our guys had him bottled up. Great job by Tucker and Smart, just wished we had contained Hurts on right side roll outs when he came in. Saban would not have had the balls to pull Tua if he hadn’t gotten injured during the game.


  9. The Dawg abides

    The writer may have a point about the injury. If Tua stays in the game he either leads the comeback or doesn’t. The optics changed with having a bad game coupled with having to be bailed out by the backup qb. May have been just enough to tip the balance. If Hurts flops then the injury can be blamed by the media for the loss, not Tua’s play.


  10. Mayor

    Honestly, I think Tua got exposed in the SECCG. The guy’s not the world beater all the media types say he is. Accurate, yes. Average arm strength at best. If he wasn’t operating behind Bama’s OL he would be a slightly better than average QB.

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