“Casual atmosphere. Great football and great conversation.”

Here’s an interesting article about how Texas schools use their football suites to lobby all manner of folks.  Is it effective?  Well, this yabbo says, nah.

The disclosure requirement is similar for appointees, like those that serve on the state’s Higher Education Coordinating Board, which must sign off on new academic programs offered by state universities. A few of the board’s nine members have been invited to watch games from chancellors’ or presidents’ suites over the last three years — including at UH, which had plans for a medical school recently approved by the board. A&M and Tech, which are jockeying over whether Tech should be allowed to open a new vet school, have also hosted board members and commissioner Raymund Paredes, as has UT-Austin.

Paredes and contacted board members said the invitations have no influence on decisions they make at the agency.

“Absolutely not,” said the commissioner, a sentiment echoed by other board members.

Sure, pal, whatever you say.  That must be why all the schools keep spending money to wine and dine folks like you.


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6 responses to ““Casual atmosphere. Great football and great conversation.”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Of course not. Don’t you know I’m absolutely free of the weaknesses of ordinary men.


  2. Yeah, if the commissioner turned down the invitation to meet on a Saturday at the game in a suite and instead insisted on meeting at his office on a workday I would believe his comment.


  3. Nothing to see here. Move on.


  4. 83Dawg

    I’m much more impressed by what Texas has done to enhance the fan experience on game day.

    I really wish UGA had someone in the athletic department that even pretended to care as much as Texas actually does.



  5. The Truth

    I’ve actually seen this approach blow up in the face of an overeager young staffer/lobbyist who tried to talk shop with a “guest” and was told, “Can we talk about that later? I’m trying to watch a ballgame.”


  6. Bulldog Joe

    “Casual atmosphere. Great football and great conversation.”

    But it’s Texas. Two out of three ain’t bad.