I’m not one to follow recruiting too closely…

… but even I have to admit this seems kinda like a big deal.

Sam Pittman, as I keep saying, is a wizard.


UPDATE:  And here to set the record straight…

“Only in Alabama”.  There are a lot of people who feel like that, I’m guessing.


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  1. j4k372

    Wow. Just wow. I was not a fan of hiring Kirby Smart. I’m a moron.

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  2. Mark

    First time UGA’s ever signed the No 1 prospect in Alabama? Now THERE’s your cannon shot…

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    • Bulldog Joe

      Not the #1 prospect, but we’ve had some success in Alabama recruiting OL.

      Ben Jones, Chester Adams, Mark Beard come to mind.


      • Derek

        We’ve pulled a few over the years:

        Mo Lewis.

        We also had a back that was Alabama HS POY. Played between Hampton and Hearst. Didn’t have a great career but had a decent senior year in 1990. Forgetting his name.

        Goff got a fb (Bowie) out of Anniston that played a lot. He had to move to TB after Edwards broke his foot in 1995.


  3. Silver Creek Dawg

    Don’t let them Bammers fool you. All that about his mom is true, but Bama wanted him badly.

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    • 81Dog


      And because we scored more points. Boomer Sooner!


  4. Spike

    “..nutbag UGA fans..” ?!? rich, coming from a Bammer..

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  5. willypmd

    Now if we sign Trey Sanders, what will Alabama fans have to say?

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  6. Uglydawg.

    Joshua Chatham, the nut-less bagged ‘Bama fan, is whistling as he walks through a darkening graveyard, dismissing those grapes as sour.

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  7. Bulldog Joe

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  8. ApalachDawg

    When we beat bammer next year, I can’t wait to hear their excuses.
    They don’t realize that Rome is about to fall

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  9. Randall Adams

    Georgia has always been able to get skill players on the O- side of the ball. But has always lacked on the line. Deepest, and still one of the youngest lines in college… Best is yet to come…

    BAMA will win the recruiting title this year. Taking 27 or 28 and knocking it out of the park. Projected number for UGA is 24 and projected to finish 2nd. 247 has them at 2nd now with A&M a reasonable distance behind them with 22 commits recruited, while Georgia has 19.

    Again, according to 247, Bama has 2 – 5 stars and Georgia has 4 – 5 stars, but their over-all average for player is slightly higher. Both are in the hunt for several more 5 stars – with Alabama (24 committed) and with Georgia (19 committed) – should do nothing but deepend their already loaded rosters.


    • Randall Adams

      Disclaimer… Just because 247 ranks a player high, it doesn’t mean they always pan out – but it is a pretty darn good barometer of how recruiting is going over-all.


  10. Argondawg

    We will finish in the top 2 this year in recruiting. It will be us or Bama at no 1 and third will be quite a distance behind. At least that is how the math from the services will work out. It’s a helluva time to be a Dawg.


  11. Yurdle

    I get the whole Bama superiority thing (team’s earned it), and their class this year looks very good. But the fans’ dismissive wave belies a deeper issue for them: UGA is achieving talent parity, which nobody else has had in a decade. Taking two consecutive games to coin flips is not what Bama is used to against the SEC east. It won’t get easier for them going forward.

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  12. Tony Barnfart

    The next push is going to be for ncaa legislation to prevent all the top players from going to Georgia, Alabama and Clemson. “It’s so boring!” Dan Wolken will say. It’s not FAIR ! UCF will say


    • Bigshot

      They’ll be sure to make sure Bama gets them. Can’t agree with this statemen.


    • ChiliDawg

      You say this as if all the top recruits going to 3 or 4 schools hasn’t literally always been the case. Balance of power in college football is a zero sum game. Always has been. Nowadays it’s Bama-Georgia-Clemson and throw in an Ohio State or an Oklahoma. In past days it’s been USC-Texas-Florida etc. The actors change. The game stays the same.


      • Otto

        True, further Bama is on the list or under probation.


      • Atticus

        To a degree but when has a team won this many national titles and another being right there 4 straight years–together and now UGA and Oklahoma are there. This will only get worse. Bama, Clemson, UGA, Oklahoma, Ohio State will be there most every year and then 1 or 2 can get in occasionally like Washington last year or ND this year.


  13. ChiliDawg

    They didn’t wan him anyway.


  14. stoopnagle

    Fuck Bama.

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  15. Silver Britches

    Man, maybe Bama will catch a break one day.

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  16. 79Dawg

    Speaking of “nutbag fans,” I was actually at a party yesterday afternoon and someone introduced himself as “an Alabama fan – and I actually went there”, clearly trying to distinguish himself as not a “Nutbag Tide fan…”

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    • Uglydawg.

      LOL..how things have changed. I was at an event over the weekend and a guy told me he wasn’t a Dawg fan. I asked which team he likes and he didn’t want to say..finally I dragged a very meek “gators” out of him. I laughed and wished him a Merry Christmas.


    • The 85%ers have been relentless the past few years. They know what’s coming, and it’ll be glorious when it does. Of course, once they lose, it’ll be all about all of their national championships, not the fact that the crown has passed on to someone else aside from Bama.


  17. Derek

    Kirby’s message to Bammers world wide:

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  18. Those same Bammers would be crowing about how this kid pulled a Cade Mays or something similar if he decided to stay home.

    We are truly living rent-free in their heads.

    Any person from Bammer-Land to call another fan base nutbags is a complete lack of self-awareness. Just remember this guy, Bammers:


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  19. J.G.

    Mock class, @SoFL_Dawg, who knows of what he speaks (https://forum.dawgnation.com/discussion/10134/2019-mock-class-headed-into-the-stretch-run/p10).

    QB- J. Plumlee (#8 DT QB) ✅
    QB- D. Gabriel (105 Pro QB)
    RB- K. McIntosh (#10 RB) ✅
    *****RB- T. Sanders (#1 RB)
    *****WR- J. Haselwood (#1 WR)
    *****WR- D. Blaylock (#6 WR) ✅ 💯
    WR- M. Tongue (#8 Ath) ✅
    TE- R. Goede (# 6 TE) ✅ 💯
    OT- W. McClendon (#22 OT) ✅
    OT- X. Truss (#14 OT) ✅ 💯
    *****OT- E. Neal (# 5 OT)
    *****OL- C. Webb (# 1 OC) ✅ 💯
    *****DL- T. Walker (# 2 DT) ✅ 💯
    DL- Z. Logue* (#29 SDE) ✅ 💯
    DL- T. Walthour (#5 DT JUCO) ✅ 💯
    DT- T. Mitchell (#28 DT) ✅ 💯
    DL- B. Norton (#10 SDE) ✅ 💯
    *****OLB- N. Smith (#1 OLB) ✅ 💯
    OLB- J. Johnson (# 2 OLB JUCO) ✅ 💯
    ILB- T. Marshall (#6 ILB) ✅
    ILB- R. Davis (#3 OLB) ✅ 💯
    *****ILB- N. Dean (#1 ILB)
    DB- DJ Daniel (#2 CB JUCO) ✅
    DB- T. Stevenson (#4 CB) ✅
    CB- K. Elam (#6 CB) ✅
    S- L. Cine (#3 S) ✅ 💯

    That’s eight 5-stars. And we might get Darnell Wright, to make it nine. Long time till Dec. 19, but things are looking very, very good.


  20. Comin' Down The Track

    Joshua Chatham, you scared, bro? You sound scared.


  21. Macallanlover

    He is a fine pickup for sure, 5 star OL recruits are rare, everyone wants them, or they should give up football at hose schools. But this is phenomenal for Pittman, and how he and UGA are seen. Yes, he has some Georgia ties, a fair statement would income that he has some Alabama ties as well…as in his home area. Truth is, both schools wanted him, and would benefit from having him, but it isn’t a make or break for either team. Both will sign impressive classes, and the gap between the two will remain negligible going into 2019. Doesn’t matter the ties to Georgia, UGA would never have won that battle before Kirby and Pittman established themselves and built something this young man wanted to be a part of. The playing field is very close to level.

    These two teams have played two title games in the past 11 months and it has been two coin flips, or bounces of the balls, or ref’s calls. The two teams are to be congratulated, the two fan bases are embarrassing themselves by ridiculous comments about the other, while the teams and coaching staffs seem to respect the other. Why would they run each other down when playing so closely? Just demeans their accomplishment of having reached such a level. Bama fans shouldn’t need to boost their egos at this point (humble yourselves!) and UGA fans should never even reach such a level of egotism regardless of what they win. Having seen how this looks on Bama fans, why would you race to act like that?

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    • Atticus

      Yep completely agree. We lost one game because our DBs weren’t elite level (and somewhat this year) and their change of pace caught us off guard. We lost this year because our interior DBs still aren’t there, our coaches made some questionable calls (Swift 3 carries in 2nd half, fake punt….) and missed a FG, Walker got hurt and then we were caught off guard by ANOTHER QB switch. This team was young and yet we were there again. Now this year we will finally be there depth and talent wise. My only concern is still the DBs and Cheney. He scores a lot of points but in certain instances like Swift’s lack of carries see LSU too) he goes away from what works.


  22. Doug

    C’mon, Tide fans. Y’all got a playoff to prepare for. You shouldn’t be spending time worryin’ about little ol’ us!


  23. Ben

    It’s wild to me that even though they’ve beaten us the last two years in championship games, the Dawgs are still in the heads of the fan base. They’re going to lose their gourds when we get over the hump against them, and it’s going to be great.

    I mean, we’ve wanted to be like Alabama for a while, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it as desperate as some of them are. I mean, you’d think for a team with such a dynastic history they wouldn’t be such snowflakes, but here we are.

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  24. fred

    At 80 i never thought i wouls live to see UGA pull a 5* out of Bama!!!!!


  25. doofusdawg

    After all… who would ever leave Alabama.


  26. Rusty

    They sure are salty.
    They love to remind you of their class, too.
    I’ve been reminded of it quite a bit.


  27. Noonan

    Swing low, Alabama.


  28. 81Dog

    Wait until they start losing to us if you want to hear whining…..