I got ‘yer Power 6 right here, bub.

Let’s see if Danny White’s braggadocio makes him inclined to go all in on the AAC’s request that UCF sign a grant-of-rights agreement that would commit the school to the conference for the duration of the next media rights deal.

I’m guessing he’s from the “money talks, bullshit walks” school of AD management, but, hey, I would love to see him prove me wrong about that.


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9 responses to “I got ‘yer Power 6 right here, bub.

  1. Randall Adams

    Amazing… They might be the most hated school in college sports now…



    Their a bunch of wanna bes


  3. The Dawg abides

    Hell, I’m ready for the Big 12 to add them. There, they’ll be about as relevant as Iowa State.


  4. Austin Cope

    BIG 12 should just go ahead and make a 16 team conference. Invite AAC members UCF, Memphis, Navy, Cincinnati, and Houston along with independent Army. Put West Virginia and Iowa State with them to make the Eastern Division and the remaining eight to make the Western Division. Play three cross overs and two out of conference. Kills a lesser rival conference and actually would improve the quality of games in the BIG 12 and opens a lot of tvs to the BIG 12 and new recruiting grounds.

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  5. Macallanlover

    They lost their chance at “respect” last year by insulting everyone’s intelligence and trying to stick it down CFB’s throat. They had a good year, but no one regards them as “champions” of anything other than a Power 5 conference. Bowden showed everyone how to earn respect by traveling to take on top programs and beating them. CF thinks they can just declare it, White has to be an idiot to think that would work. No respect, and no title; overplayed your hand, little man. Wasted two good seasons and is right where he started.


  6. Uglydawg.

    I blame Auburn.


  7. Mayor

    I hate UCF’s name: University of Central Florida. Sounds bush league. If they ever really want to be taken seriously they have to change that name.


    • Mayor

      There’s some pissant college in Orlando that has the name Orlando University. Private school I think. UCF needs to make a deal and buy that name.