What if Gus is out of f***s to give?

… Throughout the season, Coach Malzahn and I had discussions focused on placing our student-athletes in the best competitive position for the future. To confirm, Coach Malzahn is dedicated to this program and he has my support as we work together to move forward. Our discussions are ongoing, and we will focus on evolving in all facets of the program to achieve better and more consistent results. Rest assured, my commitment to overseeing and managing the effort to put Auburn football back at the level we expect and you deserve will be unrelenting.

We have the most passionate fan base in the country, who love Auburn and all it represents. You, the fans, are the driving force in our effort to make you proud. Of course, it stings when we fall short of our lofty expectations, but in true Auburn fashion, we will dust ourselves off and recommit to our goals.

To reiterate, my responsibility is to serve Auburn, and more specifically, our coaches, staff and student-athletes. Among other things, successfully navigating this endeavor requires collaboration, trust, passion and resilience…

Auburn athletics director Allen Greene

Has anyone considered the possibility that Gus (and Jimmy Sexton, don’t forget) is playing three-dimensional chess with the Auburn hierarchy — okay, right, this is Auburn, so let’s just say the possibility he’s playing chess while they’re playing checkers — by saying, guys, if you think you can engineer me walking away from a $32 million buyout, watch me double down on everything you’re unhappy with, like the playcalling, so that you’ll wind up thinking the buyout is a bargain?


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  1. Jim

    This is awesome. We’ve got to get pappoe from them

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    • Derek

      I’ll settle on Nakobe but I do wonder wtf any big time recruit is thinking in going to auburn right now.

      Pretty clearly their best hope is fighting for 3rd in the west with LSU. And even that is ambitious.

      Whose their QB in 2019? This is a program that does zilch without a special player at qb and Gus hasn’t recruited one competent qb out of HS.

      Anyone think we Steele Auburn’s DC? (See what I did there?). CKS and Kevin have worked together and he’s always been known as a good recruiter.


      • Texas Dawg

        3rd in the SEC West next year? You are REALLY being kind to Gus.
        Texas A&M
        Mississippi State
        Ole Miss

        With a little luck they can move up to 5. Given the dynamics of what is going on there, the inferno that we could see coming from the plains will make the California fires look like a single match. Get your marshmallows and hot dogs ready for roasting!


      • Reinmart

        There has been chatter that Papoe is now looking at Tenn and that we wanted him as a star while he wants to play LB.


        • Macallanlover

          As with Jamyest ending up at SC due to insisting on playing a position he will not succeed at, Pappoe is just too small to play LB. If he doesn’t heed the advice, he won’t be a major factor wherever he chooses to go. Have heard Conehead has told him the same thing Kirby and Saban told him about needing to be at Star or safety. TN is pretty desperate so he may end up there but will get reversed after he signs. With their offensive issues unsolved, they have to get the defense right.

          Not saying Conehead lies to get him to sign but I bet his “chance” to play LB doesn’t last long before he is moved. Whether at AU or TN, he isn’t playing in Atlanta during his time in college. Another player getting some bad advice and diminishing his chance to succeed. Only way he comes to Athens is to be willing to play where he can help the team the most, and that seems unlikely at this late stage.


          • Derek

            I remember when we had the opposite problem with Allen Bailey. Kid was too big to play ILB but Miami said he could. Wasn’t long he had his hand in the dirt.

            The only kid I can think of that really beat the odds was Derrick Henry. That kid looked like a defender to pretty much everyone, but he made it work.


  2. 81Dog

    We’re I Gus (gulp, Bleah), I would make the Barn fire me and pay me every contractually agreed upon cent. I would take the full buyout, and until AU released me from any mitigation payback if took a new gig, I would post a new Instagram shot daily of me, poolside in a robe at a Bahamas hotel, sitting on a pallet of neatly attacked AU provided 100s,srrounded by shapely 6 foot blonde Vegas hookers and mounds of a white powdery substance, while lighting a Cohiba with a 100. I’d make sure to tag the AU AD, the AU athletic board, and every sports publication in the US.

    Ibdont care for Auburn.

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  3. CB

    I thought Gus had already agreed to a lesser buyout.


    • Merk

      He did, but because they essentially shafted him on it by claiming it was not notarized properly. They pretty much said we can fire you and you will likely spends years fighting for your money or you can take a lesser buyout and stay. They didn’t want to fire him and go to court, because then who the heck would want to sign a contract with a school that is trying to renig on previous contracts. He didn’t want to risk getting nothing and spending millions on a legal battle. So now you have a school with a pissed off head coach. Yeap, that should work out perfectly this year.

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      • Bulldog Joe

        Barnyard ethics has been the Auburn way since, well, forever.

        It is why you don’t see many people stay there long.


        • Dawg1

          You mean you are one who doesn’t “love Auburn and all it represents?”

          Cheating and corner cutting to success, a second chance U tradition!



    Sounds to me like Gus should just play out the season and get his buyout at the end. Something like dead man walking!


  5. BMan

    I like to think Gus is making that stupid “hurry up” motion he was always making in his first few years on the sidelines, only now it’s not about his team getting to the line, it’s about getting to his buyout.

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  6. Union Jack

    Gus should bring in this guy as his OC and Special team coordinator.

    No punts – no kickoffs deep all year long.

    If it works then Auburn will never get them out of there, it would mess with Saban’s head and would be just fun chaos.

    If it doesn’t then it would be fun chaos and Auburn might quit football all together.


  7. ASEF

    So, both the admins and the coach are sabotaging the football program because they have opposing agendas? That has to be a really fun place for the players.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Nunyo’ bidness. It’s a fambly mattuh.



  9. Comin' Down The Track

    “We have the most [horrible] fan base in the country, who love Auburn and all [of the cheating and lying about cheating] it represents.”

    There. Fixed it.


  10. Reinmart

    When the AD has to get directly involved “placing student-athletes in the best competitive position” the coach is pretty much a lame duck.