How do you know you’re dealing with an overmatched athletic director?

When the school blames an epically bad buyout clause on the coach’s agent.

And not for Mike MacIntyre, who is set to make more money than he ever has in his life over the next three years despite his termination last month at the University of Colorado.

After making $2.9 in guaranteed pay during his last season at CU, he now is set to collect about $4.9 million a year over the next three years, including paychecks from CU and his new job as defensive coordinator at Ole Miss. Ole Miss confirmed to USA TODAY it will pay MacIntyre $1.5 million a year over the next three years.

Colorado athletics spokesman David Plati also confirmed to USA TODAY that CU is on the hook to pay MacIntyre his full contract buyout of $10.3 million in monthly payments through 2021. His contract at Colorado initially was signed shortly after his hiring in late 2012 and said he had a duty to obtain new employment in the event of his firing from CU. It also said that the buyout owed to him would be reduced by any amounts he received as a college head coach, NFL head coach or NFL assistant coach.

In this case, he did not get one of those jobs and instead took a demotion as a college assistant coach. Therefore CU is on the hook to pay him the full buyout, setting him up to become far richer for being fired than he would have been if he had been retained at Colorado, at least over the next three years. That’s up to $4.9 million in average combined pay per year…

Asked why CU limited a buyout reduction to those specific job ranks, athletics spokesman Plati said, “that’s the latest with head coaches” and suggested it came from MacIntyre’s agent.

Like taking candy from a baby…

And these morons try to pretend they’re the smartest guys in the room.


UPDATE:  You really can’t make this shit up.

State law prohibits any higher education employee to be contracted for more than five years. So why did University of Colorado Board of Regents approve a six-year contract for new football coach Mel Tucker on Wednesday?

In a word: oops.

Wednesday morning, the board voted 6-2 in favor of Tucker’s contract to run Jan. 1, 2019 through Dec. 31, 2024. That’s six years. Based on the language of the approved contract, which includes annual raises of $275,000, the deal is worth $18.5 million rather than $14.8 million.

However, Ken McConnellogue, CU’s vice president of communications, told The Denver Post the extra year was an oversight and the contract will be amended to run through 2023.

Unbelievable?  Of course not; it’s totally believable.




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16 responses to “How do you know you’re dealing with an overmatched athletic director?

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    I was wondering why Tucker would take the Colorado job instead of holding out for someplace better. This a.d. would be thankful to retain his shirt after a negotiation with Jimmy Sexton. Taking candy from a baby indeed, wrapped up with a winning lottery ticket.


    • The other Doug

      The PAC is bad right now, so if he can coach the current kids up and recruit a few to fill the holes he should be able to jump in 3 years.


  2. dawgfan

    This reminds me of Boom’s deal when UF was paying him while he was Auburn’s DC. The coaches and agents are laughing their asses off. I hope these buyouts are subject to the new excise tax.


  3. Senator, your comment of taking candy from a baby cracked me up. The timing and the visual were spot on. Thanks for the chuckle.


  4. Randall Adams

    Coach of the year – two years ago… Hope Mel understands what he is getting into. The A.D. is not stable. 🙂

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    • Go Dawgs!

      Get money, Mel! They’re ripe for the taking!


    • It is becoming fundamentally apparent that university ad’s (no matter the level) should not be seen or heard from until all common sense and logic has been exercised concerning any/all departmental decisions, they can then perform the required hand puppet show for the masses to digest…….this I put forth to you on this day celebrating six years of this blogs utter disgusting nonsense in my days activities! GO DAWGS!


  5. Uglydawg.

    Only 10 million?
    Auburn’s money changers must be shaking their heads and thinking, “peanuts”.

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  6. Go Dawgs!

    “Sorry, players, there’s no money to pay you. We thought we had enough in the bank account, but our password is ‘password’ and people keep cleaning us out. Our bad.”


  7. j4k372

    I often wonder if they would play so fast and loose with their own money. Maybe they should take a course on negotiation.

    Oh never mind.


  8. The Truth

    How do you know you’re dealing with an overmatched AD?

    He’s breathing.


  9. Russ

    Don’t worry, ticket prices and student activities fees are going up to cover it.