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Is it in their heads?

Jeez, the folks at Roll Bama Roll are borderline obsessed with Kirby’s recruiting.


The silence was broken and Clay Webb from Oxford, AL made his commitment to Georgia this past weekend. He has a great future in the CIA if he wants to take that route. Somehow the press never put two and two together and figured out that this 5-star offensive lineman had deep roots in Athens, GA.

From Friday’s JP:

Clay’s mother Dana, a phys ed teacher at Oxford High where Clay attends, is from the metro Atlanta area and the bulk of her family still lives there. Her sister lives in Athens and both she and her husband graduated from Georgia.

I am not sure how or why this all became a state secret but we at RBR have been speculating that it was more Kirby shenanigans. Our theory goes that Webb wanted to commit to UGA but their staff asked him to keep it quiet so Kirby could build his recuitment up and make it looked like he snatched Webb away from Saban’s clutches at the last second and that they were building some kind of momentum.

“Webb Of Deceit” — get it?  Haw, haw.

Dude, Georgia’s second in the Sports247 Composite right now.  The momentum was built long before Webb committed.

And first is ‘Bama.  Why are you guys fretting, anyway?



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The graduate

Congrats to one of my favorite Dawgs.

Of course, the boss move would have been to show up at the ceremony decked out in this.



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TFW your hand gets caught in the cookie jar

So, Nick Saban has an answer for those seeking the truth about why in the world DJ Durkin was seen lurking around the Alabama program.

“DJ Durkin is spending a few days with our staff in Tuscaloosa from a professional development standpoint. He has not been hired in any capacity at The University of Alabama. He is simply observing our operation as many other coaches have done through the years.”

Calm, measured, rational.  Only one thing…

Probably took that long to destroy all the paperwork.

Maybe somebody can ask Nick exactly how many of those “many other coaches” showed up in Tuscaloosa a month or so after getting canned for player abuse.


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That Medina’s a monster, y’all.

I don’t care where you stand on the playoff expansion debate, you’ve got to tip your cap to Dabo Swinney for inventing the perfect bowl game name:  the Funky Cold Medina Poulan Weed Eater Bowl.

I can only think of two things in response.  One, Tone Loc absolutely needs to sponsor some dinky-ass bowl game as soon as possible.



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