Is it in their heads?

Jeez, the folks at Roll Bama Roll are borderline obsessed with Kirby’s recruiting.


The silence was broken and Clay Webb from Oxford, AL made his commitment to Georgia this past weekend. He has a great future in the CIA if he wants to take that route. Somehow the press never put two and two together and figured out that this 5-star offensive lineman had deep roots in Athens, GA.

From Friday’s JP:

Clay’s mother Dana, a phys ed teacher at Oxford High where Clay attends, is from the metro Atlanta area and the bulk of her family still lives there. Her sister lives in Athens and both she and her husband graduated from Georgia.

I am not sure how or why this all became a state secret but we at RBR have been speculating that it was more Kirby shenanigans. Our theory goes that Webb wanted to commit to UGA but their staff asked him to keep it quiet so Kirby could build his recuitment up and make it looked like he snatched Webb away from Saban’s clutches at the last second and that they were building some kind of momentum.

“Webb Of Deceit” — get it?  Haw, haw.

Dude, Georgia’s second in the Sports247 Composite right now.  The momentum was built long before Webb committed.

And first is ‘Bama.  Why are you guys fretting, anyway?



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57 responses to “Is it in their heads?

  1. truck

    After all this time, it’s finally, “KIRBY ain’t got time for that shit.” It’s a Festivus miracle!!!


  2. gastr1

    “…but their staff asked him to keep it quiet so Kirby could build his recuitment [sic] up and make it looked like he snatched Webb away from Saban’s clutches at the last second and that they were building some kind of momentum.”

    Smart’s team has nothing better to do with their time but work backroom machinations to build up their “recuitment.” LOL. What clowns.


    • gastr1

      Also, I believe that should be “…and go on and make it lookt like he done snatcht Webb away…” Double LOL.


    • I have no doubt Webb has been a “silent commit” for a while. I think he wanted to help build momentum going into the first signing day. Throw that in with Walker and Smith’s reaffirmation of their commitments, and Wednesday is shaping up to be a lot of fun.


    • Boz

      Um, that’s precisely what’s going on and the reason why CKS has taken us next level. Ever notice how when we lose somebody, something positive happens on the recruiting trail? There’s more to this than surface level come play for us. It sounds cheesy but it’s how it’s done… glad I’m not the one having to do it, but not complaining about the results.


      • gastr1

        Fair enough. I reserve the right to laugh at “recuitment” and “make it looked like,” though. Dumbshits gonna dumbshit.


  3. They are obsessed with us because the day is coming when we are going to yank the baton away from them.

    We are becoming what Bear Bryant dreaded if UF ever got their act together … the SEC school where everyone else would be playing for 2nd place.

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  4. Derek

    Projection is a bitch when you’re a bunch of horrible human beings.

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  5. CB

    All the Gumps saw the same 10 missed calls that the rest of us did, and they know that despite beating Georgia in two straight games that the “tide” is going to turn if Kirby keeps recruiting this way.


  6. Jim

    Deep down they know they are slowly but surely losing their grip…


  7. CPark58

    Alabama and it’s fans aren’t used to being manhandled by anyone but they have been twice by the same team and managed to win anyway.

    There is a wolf at the door in Tuscaloosa and they know it.


  8. Timphd

    What an arrogant post. They are the most entitled and pompous group ever. And they worship Saban as a diety. Holy God, don’t ever let our fan base get that way.

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  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    It’d be even nicer and tastier if we sign Trey Sanders.

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  10. Macallanlover

    A decent percentage of the Bama fans are mentally unstable with their insecurity and paranoia. Had the NCAA not put a limit of 85 scholarships, they would panic if they didn’t sign the entire Top 100 annually. Perhaps they realize they need a huge talent advantage over the majority of the opponents in the SEC or they might become SC or TN again. We all saw what they looked like a decade or two ago before they began attracting Top 5 classes every year under Saban. Realizing those days will end, the state of Alabama needs to begin staffing the Suicide Hotline for the inevitable crash.

    I respect what they have accomplished as a program but as a fan group they will be ridiculed for how they have handled it. The highest highs will certainly bring about the lowest lows. That attacks on all other programs, anyone who dare pick against them, not sign with them, or don’t bow to them have been obnoxious the past few years. If you read, or listen to their comments, perhaps they haven’t really accomplished so much at all since no one else in the country has a decent team, or program. A few of us have played them close but no team deserves their respect and are unworthy opponents. So they haven’t really beaten anyone, just listen to them. And all recruits that sign somewhere else are trash, or stupid. Major fall is coming, as Kirby preaches “humility is just a day/week away”.

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  11. Russ

    I love it! More rent free living space.


  12. Hobnail_Boot

    They all know that Georgia has beat their ass for most of the last 2 times we played.

    They know what’s coming.

    Bullies don’t like being bullied.


  13. Russ

    There used to be someone from RBR that posted here and he seemed pretty reasonable. Did he drink the Koolaid or is he no longer around?


  14. Otto

    UGA is getting an education of why Auburn, LSU and the west dislike Bama so much. Penalties don’t go both ways, and they complain or accuse anyone who does something better of cheating when they have a long history of things like this.

    When will everyone wake up and realize that the SEC needs to be moved out of Hoover, and Shaw has to go?

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  15. Greg

    LOL!!….seems like most of those Bama folks are either paranoid or insecure, probably both.

    They will really flip their wigs if we close out with 3-4 five stars.


  16. Biggen

    Where is that USCjr cannon shot when you need it?


  17. Mike Cooley

    What I can’t get over is how insecure they are despite their historic level of success. They still act like South Carolina fans. It’s never enough. If anybody else does anything good they go insane and try to belittle them. You’re seeing that with us right now. How dare we act like we belong on the same field as them? How dare we pick Tua off twice? And anyone who has success against them somehow cheated. It’s unbelievable. How can they be that insecure?

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  18. I’m glad to see this spirited defense of Kirby and the Dawgs. After reading the Banana Herald and AJC yesterday I was starting to wonder.


  19. If there is a fan base that can be both elite and victims, while also making excuses at every turn, it’s Bama. From bad game performances to lose in recruiting, these guys have an out.

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  20. Insecure elitists? It’s a thing now

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  21. ASEF

    Kirby overtly pitched himself as the New, Fun Saban, here to slay the Old, Evil Saban. Surprise, that guy took it personally. He’s the same one who was blathering about Kirby taking pictures on his way out the door and using them to negative recruit some guys.

    Saban’s 2-0 against Kirby, and Saban’s working on yet another #1 recruiting class. And some of them still need to explain why getting a 5-star OL out of Alabama isn’t really that big a deal.

    SEC – it just means more.

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  22. Gurkha Dawg

    Of course Kirby orchestrated the whole complex operation to get the max benefit out of the timing of the commitment. I wonder what other shrewd moves Kirby has in store for us on Wednesday? Whatcha think Gumps? Huh?


  23. UGA '97

    OK fine. Pick your headline then RBR, here are your next headline choices:

    “Smart doing an excellent job locking down his state for 5Stars.

    “Kirby battled Saban b and kept a 5 Star home”

    “Smart beats out Saban for a 5-Star”

    “State of Alabama produced 1 less 5Star this year”

    “Saban’s recruiting out of state is slipping”


  24. UGA '97

    Message to all the Bama homers, yep that includes all you fair weather, shirtless, toothless UAB T fans without the degree, or yet even a GED. Why dont you go take a look at Saban’s 1st 3 years head coaching record, no wait first 7 years, and compare those to Kirby”s 1st three. It’s not even close. Kirby is 44. Saban is 66 and has essentially been caught, even by a guy with 20 years experiential disadvantage
    The Timmid Cried had to come from behind twice last 2 times late 4th quarter to win. Go ahead and get used to Rolling your toilet paper to wipe, and washing your overalls with Tide every time we play. Dogs had 51% freshman and sophomores in the Benz. Get used to it trailer home armchair quarterbacks.


  25. Texas Dawg

    When Alabama discovers and uses creative recruiting strategy it is genius. When Georgia does the same thing or heaven forbid finds a loophole that Lord Saban and Bama had missed, then it is somehow it is wrong/evil? Get used to it. Every empire has risen, peaked, and then declined. Bama has crested the mountain and will be watching as they begin the slow slide down the other side.


  26. stoopnagle

    They know that Saban does this sort of thing. I mean, why do you think there was a big press conference when Kirby turned down Richt for the DC job back in ’08? Remember how that was drawn out? That was all about recruiting. It’s Saban’s game that Kirby plays — he’s just one of the few that can play it well.

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  27. Herschel Talker

    At birth, African elephants weigh 250 lbs, making them the 2nd biggest babies in the world, right behind Bama fans

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  28. Uglydawg.

    Is suspect there are several reasons that Clay Webb kept his intentions quiet for so long. One great reason would be to negate some of the pressure put on him for his choice.
    Remember what Cade Mays had to endure in Knoxville?
    It will be worse in Oxford.
    Who know what Clay will suffer from every social aspect of his life. There will be no escaping the comments…at school, at church, while eating out, while out shopping….OCD Alabama nut-jobs are going to harass and engage him about his choice.
    I don’t think we have an inkling of what he’s going through.
    Let’s just be happy that Kirby is leading a captive out of Alabamastan and hope there will be more to follow.

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  29. DavetheDawg

    Only a few years ago, Kirby was recrootin’ like this for the Bama and was burning Mark Richt & Co. at every critical junction. Kirby isn’t some novice on the trail. He’s very good at what he does. A bit surprised that Bama seems a bit mystified by this.

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  30. 92 grad

    Watching southern and east mich, and all of halftime is about the damn playoff final 4. This sucks.


  31. NoAxeToGrind

    The Bama crowd will get what they deserve. Time is on UGA’s side. That’s what they are worried about. They know what’s coming and there is nothing they can do about it.