TFW your hand gets caught in the cookie jar

So, Nick Saban has an answer for those seeking the truth about why in the world DJ Durkin was seen lurking around the Alabama program.

“DJ Durkin is spending a few days with our staff in Tuscaloosa from a professional development standpoint. He has not been hired in any capacity at The University of Alabama. He is simply observing our operation as many other coaches have done through the years.”

Calm, measured, rational.  Only one thing…

Probably took that long to destroy all the paperwork.

Maybe somebody can ask Nick exactly how many of those “many other coaches” showed up in Tuscaloosa a month or so after getting canned for player abuse.


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13 responses to “TFW your hand gets caught in the cookie jar

  1. JasonC

    Auburn: Second Chance U for players
    Bama: Second Chance U for coaches


  2. gastr1

    Yes…and even though the last statement is strong, it’s not strong enough: getting canned for player death.

    I mean, couldn’t Durkin and Saban have held off for a few months or a year or something? “Calloused” is also not a strong enough term.


  3. Dolly Llama

    But wait by damn!!

    … Never mind. I just don’t even have it in the tank this morning.


  4. Russ

    So the trial balloon was made of lead (or Led)?


  5. McTyre

    Between this and the Jonathan Taylor gambit (which far exceeded a trial balloon basis), it’s clear Saban is only slightly less of an egomaniacal sociopath than Meyer. The primary difference appears to be Saban has not put himself in as compromised a position with long-term associations with domestic abuser assistant coaches or predatory players. My recollection is Saban has quickly moved on from felonious associates. 3rd and 4th chances for players with alleged drug or assault infractions and rumored Adderal usage, yes, but no Zack Smith or Aaron Hernandez that we know of anyway. Our character filter on player recruitment and staff hires and player discipline are one aspect of the Georgia Way of which I’m proud.


    • Macallanlover

      Sorry, putting Saban in the same water as Corch is way over the line. Entitled to your opinion but that is a leap I have heard no one take before…and rightly so. There are many who dislike, even hate, Saban but I haven’t heard anyone attack his character. And from what I know, there is no reason to. Not the most likable guy, but beyond that, he seems clean to me.


      • Mike Cooley

        Agree, Mac. Saban is an asshole. He’s a ruthless asshole. But he is nowhere near the type of guy Corch is. “…but no Zach Smith or Aaron Hernandez that we know of anyway.”. As if there is reason to believe there are probably similar instances that we just haven’t heard about. I’m sick of Saban too but come on man.


    • 4th and Kirby

      Agreed. Don’t forget Alabama’s backup TE from a few years back that got busted by Tuscaloosa narcotics as a dealer in the football dorm. That kid disappeared quietly and nothing ever happened. He didn’t serve any time.


  6. atlasshrugged55

    Let’s not cast too many stones as dear Kirby had Hugh Freeze doing some analyst stuff for UGA via a UGA provided laptop last season. And, like Saban, he wasn’t exactly forthcoming w/ that info. Once it was revealed he tried to downplay it just like Saban.


    • Dawg1

      I don’t care for Freeze — or Auburn — but pot smoking and some under the counter cash isn’t running your kids to actual death like Durkin.

      Geez, Bear never killed any of the Junction Boys as much as he tried.


  7. Ohio Dawg

    Saban to special assistant in charge of combating negative recruiting: “Hey dumbass, can you do something as simple as getting out a press release that assures plausible deniability until we hire Durkin on February 7th”?