That Medina’s a monster, y’all.

I don’t care where you stand on the playoff expansion debate, you’ve got to tip your cap to Dabo Swinney for inventing the perfect bowl game name:  the Funky Cold Medina Poulan Weed Eater Bowl.

I can only think of two things in response.  One, Tone Loc absolutely needs to sponsor some dinky-ass bowl game as soon as possible.




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7 responses to “That Medina’s a monster, y’all.

  1. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Like the name. Big step up from “The Toilet Bowl” which is what some folks have called it in the past. By the way, I’m with Dabo on expansion.


  2. Whiskeydawg

    I’m not in favor of the playoff expansion but I tip my cap to Dabo. If Tone Loc sponsored a bowl it would just be the, “Weed Bowl”. That haze ain’t from the fireworks. Count me in!


  3. Boz

    Here’s how I see it… expansion of the playoff is the most millennial infused force in college football. The entitlement of UCF, after coming to the front door a few years ago, refuses to bide there time and earn their way to the table. They scoff at a 2 for 1 with Florida like they are above it when UF has paid their dues since 1990. By way of paying their dues, I mean creating a winning brand of football, winning Conference Titles, National Championships, creating a fan base living and dying for its success, losing coaches, churning through down cycles and living with the pressure it takes to survive in a live or die conference. I hate UF but I fucking hate UCF more. Boise State has way more cred, and the they continue to churn out winning teams, without arrogance of the new money UCF. I hate that UCF QB went down and I’m sure that will be the excuse if they lose to LSU, but cry me a river. Playing in P5 Conference means you deal with that shit every season. Last, their “we beat Auburn” last season is also trash. How many fucks do you think AU gave after losing their shot in the playoffs after we whipped their as in the SECCG? 0. The season was over, players turned pro and skipped the game, and they went through the motions against a team many on the team had never heard of. For UCF, it was the second biggest game in the programs history? They had all the fucks to give, and it showed.

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  4. The Dawg abides

    Song’s transphobic! No room for that in today’s world. Tone Loc needs to get woke! Side note: one of the first recorded “Y’kno whut I’m sayin’s?”.


  5. Dawg19

    Personally, I’m looking forward to the Humpty Dance Independecne Bowl myself.