“What exactly is the plan here?”

It may be a sign of sanity coming from the UT fan base to admit what appears obvious from the outside as Pruitt’s search for a new offensive coordinator has bogged down.

Barring a total unmitigated disaster for the coordinator spot—which would be very hard to do considering even Will Friend and Joe Osovet have decent track records—the plan for Pruitt still includes four years to prove himself. If the hire is a success, everyone forgets this discussion. If it is not, he will make a tough decision, probably after the third or four year. If it has gotten to that point, it is likely that Tennessee has not won enough over the past couple of seasons. That next hire would be the make or break hire.

It might be cliche, but taking the balanced view of the coaching search is probably the most accurate one. There is not mass chaos behind the scenes, nor is there an elaborate master plan. It is a first-time head coach learning lessons about program management.

What’s missing that would make that an even more accurate observation is acknowledging Fulmer’s role in the process, but baby steps, you know…


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  1. So is it true that they made a run at Chaney? I heard it on the radio yesterday and that’s the only place I’ve heard about it. That’s a new level of delusion if true.


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “…an even more accurate observation is acknowledging Fulmer’s role in the process…”

    They don’t have to say that; it’s a given. UT fans can’t use the bathroom without Fulmer being involved in the process. 😉


    • old dawg

      UT finally got rid of Fulmer only to owe him a ton of money payable over several years…what did they do? well,since he’s still on the payroll,we’ll get him an office and let him work a little for the money…as palace intrigue goes,he parlayed himself deeper into the athletic department until we see where he is now…UT would have been wise to give him the money and show him the door once and for all…

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  3. Anonymous

    What I find so odd about their search for an OC is how varied the schemes are among the former candidates. Pruitt was adamant about running a Pro-Style offense when he was hired. Then he goes an courts a bunch of spread guys (Freeze, Briles, Lindsey) who all take other jobs. How embarrassing is it to loose out to Kansas for a coordinator?

    There haven’t been any rumors for a while. I wonder if that means Pruitt is having a hard time finding someone that wants to work for him or if he has lined up someone that is currently coaching in the NFL and is waiting for the season to be over to announce it.


    • Trbodawg

      Please Santa, all I want for Christmas is for UT’s OC to be Brian Schottenheimer . .

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    • Macallanlover

      He is a polarizing individual and meshing differing personalities together is probably not in his skill set. You can see why some attractive candidates could steer clear of him, and certainly some would like his personal qualities.

      In a growth, flow-through position like OC, smart candidates would want to steer clear of anyone who is a high risk to fail. Given the messy situation in Knoxville, Pruitt’s volatile personality, and Foolmer’s hovering so close, it is easy to understand why some would be reluctant and take a less risky position elsewhere.


      • Anonymous

        This is exactly why I have expected Pruitt to fail as HC.

        In retrospect, this is also exactly why Chaney was the perfect OC hire for Kirby. He had a 20 year history of being a good coordinator and no desire to be a HC. Any risk of Kirby failing would not be blamed on him or hurt his career. Chaney also had the ability to run the entire offense on his own if needed and is also for having a small ego. A guy like that is exactly what Pruitt would need, but they are hard to find.


  4. DawgByte

    I heard Lane Kiffin is weighing an offer from Pruitt.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Pruitt should take a look at that up-and-coming OC at Mizzou.


  6. Muttley

    UT’s crucial moment is now- or really, next season.

    After decades of being an elite program, they are now knocking right on the door or twenty years of insignificance. They’re Nebraska, getting ready to turn into Arkansas. There aren’t recruits who remember Peyton or Tee or the Fiesta Bowl anymore. They remember Crompton and Bray and home for the holidays after another loss to Vandy. Kids won’t carry great memories from Neyland to the next generation, either.

    They stopped being UT in 2000, with a brief return to partial form the next year. When you pass two decades it gets harder and harder to recover tradition. Again, ask the Hogs.

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    • Uglydawg.

      Had the very same thoughts, Muttley. “Elite” will no longer apply to UT.
      Look at the results from this year. If there was one game on the schedule that CJP should have had them up for it was the game against Vanderbilt.
      Of course one could point out that Kirby lost to GT his maiden year, but it was a fluky loss and GT didn’t have a streak going against Georgia.


      • Mayor

        College football history is littered with the remains of once proud programs that fell never to rise up again. Hard to remember that Minnesota won 3 national championships in the 40s-50s. Easy to forget that Pitt was a power in the dark ages with a temporary resurgence in the seventies with Tony Dorsett. I don’t see UT coming back soon and if UT doesn’t come back soon, they may never come back at all.


  7. Uglydawg.

    Tennessee has one hope. They should hire Peyton
    But he has way too much money to get himself bogged down in that pumpkin patch of a mess. That’s the way things are and are likely to stay in Knoxville.
    Roundball school.


  8. ChiliDawg

    Kirby spent like 11 years with Saban learning how to build a program so when he got to Georgia he knew exactly what he wanted to do and he did it. Pruitt hopped around to several programs as an assistant and may be a good coach who picked up a lot, but he doesn’t really know the process. He’s just flailing around trying to sound tough.


    • stoopnagle

      And he’s also the guy who corrected his own father who was his coach when he was a high schooler. He does not lack for confidence, but I’m guessing he’s short of self-awareness.