GTP Gift Guide update

Christmas is about a week away, so in the spirit of the season — at least from the standpoint of my kids, which is all about good cheer and gift giving (and receiving!) — I thought it might be worth a post updating the Gift Guide with any observations about what’s already on there, along with any suggestions you may have for updates.

From personal experience, I thought I’d mention a few:

  • You can get an autographed copy of Bill Connelly’s 50 Best College Football Teams if you reach out now.  It’s a great read.
  • I get regular compliments on my Classic Georgia shirts all the time.  Check out their site.
  • If you have the jack, and admittedly it’s a lot for that sort of product, I continue to give the Soundboks 2 my highest recommendation.  It’s sturdy and loud, which makes it a perfect music source for tailgating.  (They’ve had it on sale on and off over the past month or so, so you may get lucky on the price.)
  • I just ordered a pair of Sonos Plays for my man cave, to go surround sound.  I’ll report back after I get them up and running, but college football watching on TV has never been better for me.  (That’s a recommendation for YouTube TV, too.)
  • The Yeti Rambler Colster remains a kickass way to keep my beer cold on a hot day.

Please use the comments to share your experiences with any of the items listed in the Gift Guide, along with any suggestions you may have for additions there.


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13 responses to “GTP Gift Guide update

  1. S.E. Dawg

    Any ideas on where to buy a white pullover half buttoned up with Georgia power G?


  2. Chopdawg

    Like the Sonos speakers in my house; one is a dedicated outdoor deck speaker, for listening to Scott while we turn down the TV sound on gamedays when not in Athens. (Free TuneIn Radio subscription also required.)

    Of course, the best gift of all this Christmas is the free subscription to Get The Picture! I’m getting this for everybody on my list.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree about Sonos sound, and the capability it brings to access virtually any music service/song/station in the world. Even the Play1s provide incredible sound for a low price with great flexibility. I add more every year, and give them to my family as gifts. The range, high to low, of that small speaker is incredible even before the access makes it a top choice. I do the exact same thing on game days, especially with certain announcing teams assigned to UGA contests. Just one speaker for under $200 and you get total access, but like potato chips, you can’t stop at just one.


      • Ldawg

        Sonos rocks. I have the full surround sound system in my living room. The usability and sound quality are off the chart. And the simplicity of the installation (wireless, no speaker wires) is without precedent.


  3. ilini84

    I’ve been surprised at the lack of Dawg goods at Kroger and Kohl’s. Dick’s has decent stuff but you can do really well if you wait until after the holidays. The UGA Bookstore has great stuff but bring your wallet.


  4. NCDawgMan

    With them Free TuneIn Radio subscription is the radio in sequence with your TV. Because TV has like a 4-6 delay which keeps me forming listening to the Dawgs radio broadcast cause Scott has already called the play on radio before we see it on the tube. Non Tech Geek here aka Sick of TV Broadcasters ramblings Thanks for the heads up and the speakers also is on the TuneIn site


    • FlyingPeakDawg

      If you listen to the broadcast thru the free Georgia app, usually the radio call is delayed vs. live TV. I solve this by using the DVR feature to pause the live action until the radio call is in sync. Easiest to do on any kickoff as you listen to the “Gooooooo Dawgs! Sic’ em” and start theTV/DVR delay with the actual toe meeting leather.

      For the first time this year I had your dilemma in that the radio broadcast was coming thru before the cable TV. If the game is also on Sirus/XM, you can pause and delay that broadcast and do the same type of kickoff syncing. But otherwise, I had to give up on one game since it was so out of sync with the cable/TV being too far behind the radio call (by about a play).


  5. John Denver is full of shit...

    I highly recommend
    Blue Otter Polarized Sunglasses
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    Thanks for the support!


  6. Rulindsey

    The link to the classic shirts may not have translated? And yes, finding a white pullover with the G is harder than you think. Peter Millar has one ever now and then for about two bills.


  7. Thatguy

    The place that I recommended last year – – that HAD a fine selection of whiskies, ryes, and bourbons, no longer carries spirits. Feel free to drop that link.


  8. Erskine

    Try Audio Icons (Georgia helmet with built in speaker) I have bought 2 and use them for tailgating and like the sound quality and style.


  9. TC405

    Senator, I missed this last year. But you were 100% right on the Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale. Great Beer.