“If I were Urban, I’d tell you where to stick your suspension.”

Yeah, I’d say the Ohio State president’s handling of the Urban Meyer suspension didn’t go well.

Hey, my heart bleeds for him and Corch both.


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  1. Dolly Llama

    So does that make this guy the evil twin or the good twin?


  2. I would hope that if something similar ever happened in Athens, the university president and athletic director would take swift action to get rid of everyone involved for cause.

    Corch, you made your bed. It’s time to sleep in it.


    • gastr1

      You see the comments from tOSU’s peanut gallery. Some of them are worthy of the Playpen. All I can think is that if the same thing happened to us, or probably any large fanbase with a successful coach, the reaction would be similar. They defended Paterno and Bobby Knight, too.

      I don’t know why anyone would think that a university would want to get rid of a popular, powerful successful coach unless they had significant cause. The fans don’t seem to realize that the universities are incredibly aware of the potential for backlash and, in fact, more afraid of the fans than the law.


      • I understand there would be a segment of our “fan base” that would raise hell if we got rid of a successful coach for something like this. I just hope the university would have the spine to stand up to those lunatics to do the right thing.

        Who am I kidding? If something like this happened, the first call would go to the liquor barons, and we would do whatever they told the AD and the athletic board to do.

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    I need Corch to be corching again. Now that he’s gone, who else can I angrily insult from behind my veil of anonymity? The Kiffin Kancer and Lord Farquaad just don’t generate the same bile.

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  4. Doug

    Through various social media outlets and past work with SB Nation, I’ve gotten to know a few Ohio State fans who are among the nicest, funniest, smartest people you could ever meet…yet Buckeye Nation’s overall response to the Meyer scandal reminds me of what people would always say about Bama: “It’s sad how 95% of their fans give the rest a bad name.”


    • OSU fans are jersey wearing trash. And yes, I feel very comfortable painting them with the broadest of brushes.


      • My jersey has a sense of pride, it will take only so much trash talk…it has endeared several FU altercations and a couple bouts with nerds……..but this tosu trash thing has my jersey on edge. Please, for the sake of proud jerseys every where, when painting trash, be considerate! GO DAWGS!


      • Macallanlover

        Agree, they are a really bad group, collectively. And wearing jerseys past the age of 12, if you aren’t playing in the game, is justification enough for insulting any fan regardless of affiliation, imo.


        • NGDawg

          100% agree. Went to the Sugar Bowl after the ’77, ’78, & ’79 seasons when Bama played (my dad was a huge Bama fan and got free tickets) Arkansas, Penn St., and Ohio State. The Buckeye fans were the most rude, obnoxious, a__holes I’ve ever been around! I always thought they just tried to be like Woody Hayes at the time. Turns out they are just that way all the time! To me they’re worse than the Vol fans and that is say a lot!


        • I don’t wear a jersey to games, but my daughters who are students do sometimes. I can’t really blame them for it.

          Every fan base … even ours … has their trash.


          • SlobberKnocker

            I was going to respond to Mac that I see one exception to the no-jersey rule he defines (and I subscribe to) but I see you already did it. I think females get a lengthy exemption. I’m not sure where that exemption ends but, I think it certainly reaches college age or maybe mid-20’s.


          • Cynical Dawg

            Yep, if you’re ever in doubt go visit Dawgchat or HOTD.


  5. Russ

    Anyone else having trouble loading the link? I get the site, but the page doesn’t fully load. I need my shot of Corch outrage this morning.

    Did I mention he’s a sociopathic scumbag?


    • Russ

      Okay, I got the story to load. About what I expected, though I was glad to see many aOSU fans didn’t agree with the decision to keep Corch around.

      And I guess if any of those emailers wanted to keep their opinions between themselves and the president, oh well.


  6. I wonder if Meyer was given the option to resign at the end of the year or get fired now? Probably not but it’s all a little to convenient.


  7. Milledge Hall

    I don’t give a crap for OSU, nor corch urbane. Corch urbane hasn’t changed since he ran the choirboy program in Gainesville. They don’t know what choirboys are in Columbus.