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Another good day for the NCAA

Hoo, boy.  From the Alston case today,

Obviously she undervalues the worth of a college scholarship, amirite, amateurism romantics?


UPDATE:  The NCAA’s attorney strenuously objects.


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The high cost of a low bar

Talk about your rabid pursuit of excellence

Will Muschamp has won more games than any other coach in his first three seasons at South Carolina, and is the first coach in school history to take the Gamecocks to bowl games in each of his first three years.

USC appreciates it.

The Board of Trustees approved raises and extensions for Muschamp and assistants Bryan McClendon, Travaris Robinson and Dan Werner on Tuesday.

Muschamp was extended one year through the 2024 season, with the same $200,000 increase for that season that’s in his current contract.

McClendon was extended through the 2021 season and had his salary increased $350,000 per season. He will make $1 million per year in the new deal.

Robinson was extended through the 2021 season with the same $1.2 million salary.

Werner was extended through the 2020 season and had his salary increased to $700,000.

Imagine what they would have gotten if Boom’s team could have stayed within single digits of Kirby’s.

Then again, cannon shots don’t come cheap.


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Honk if you’ve been offered by Tennessee.

Jesus, Pruitt.


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Today, in he’s been in the arena

You gotta admit he possesses the perspective.


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Jim Delany’s situational ethics

The evolution of Jim Delany, network director and sometime conference commissioner:

  • 2010:  Fuck you, playoff proponents.
  • 2016:  College football shouldn’t go to an eight-team playoff because “too much ice cream isn’t good for anybody”.
  • Today ($$)“It’s probably a good idea, given all of the conversations and noise around the issue, to have discussions with our colleagues.”

There is literally nothing these guys won’t consider if the right price tag is attached to it.  But you keep telling yourself an eight-team playoff is as far as they’ll go.


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If you gotta go, go now.

If Justin Fields does elect to transfer, others have already noted he will make the second five-star recruit to bail on Georgia after Jake Fromm became the starter.

There’s an even larger trend that Fields, should he leave, would become part of that’s worth noting.

Like it or not, it’s the nature of the beast these days.

Don’t take it personally, Dawg fans.  Players wanna play.


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“It’s been a big topic of conversation for our staff.”

As the reader poll I ran yesterday indicates, I’ve got some question about how motivated this Georgia team will be playing in the Sugar Bowl after narrowly missing a shot at a berth in the CFP.

Dial up this clip to around the thirteen-minute mark, and you’ll discover that Kirby isn’t all that certain, either.

There are some rather interesting comments he makes in that regard:

  • “Sometimes to a senior class, you have to be careful: They see it as punishment.”
  • “A traditionalist like myself sees the Sugar Bowl a certain way. But it’s like talking to our players about Herschel Walker. They don’t have memories like that. Shoot, our guys don’t remember Robert Edwards. It’s very different and a very delicate situation.”
  • “No family sees it as that. But kids nowadays, they look at it like, ‘What’s my next opportunity?’ We see guys are declaring for the draft, not seeing the value in playing.”

Shorter version:  it’s a different world than it was just 20 years ago.  Kids are different.  College football is different.

Add to it this comment from Jake Fromm, via Jeff Schultz ($$):

“It’s tough. If you ask everybody on the team, is this where we wanted to end up? No, it’s not. But this is the hand we were dealt. So we’re going to come in; we’re going to compete and try to get as good as we can for next year.”

Eh, maybe that’s enough.  Pride should matter and this is a proud program.  Bottom line, though, nobody really knows for sure how this team will play the emotional cards it’s been dealt until kick off time.


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