The high cost of a low bar

Talk about your rabid pursuit of excellence

Will Muschamp has won more games than any other coach in his first three seasons at South Carolina, and is the first coach in school history to take the Gamecocks to bowl games in each of his first three years.

USC appreciates it.

The Board of Trustees approved raises and extensions for Muschamp and assistants Bryan McClendon, Travaris Robinson and Dan Werner on Tuesday.

Muschamp was extended one year through the 2024 season, with the same $200,000 increase for that season that’s in his current contract.

McClendon was extended through the 2021 season and had his salary increased $350,000 per season. He will make $1 million per year in the new deal.

Robinson was extended through the 2021 season with the same $1.2 million salary.

Werner was extended through the 2020 season and had his salary increased to $700,000.

Imagine what they would have gotten if Boom’s team could have stayed within single digits of Kirby’s.

Then again, cannon shots don’t come cheap.



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10 responses to “The high cost of a low bar


    Looking back at your link…Sides did not disappoint.


  2. Castleberry

    Well played, Sir.


  3. Cousin Eddie

    In CFB is the extension is the new vote of confidence?


  4. Spike

    I’ve always thought he was overrated. YMMV.. plus he’s a horses ass to boot.


  5. HamDawg11

    Agent Muschamp entrenched for the foreseeable future in SCjr. It’s all part of the plan….


  6. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    Good for Bryan McLendon. I think he is making about 10x what he made his first year coaching at UGA. Happy to see a DGD prosper, as long as its not against us.


    • 81Dog

      completely agree. Bryan McClendon is a good young man and has never disavowed being a Bulldog. Boom, on the other hand? You’re dead to me, Fredo.


      • Macallanlover

        Agree with all. Good to see BMac doing well, someone to keep am eye on. Imagine the thrill of getting out of Columbia and being rid of Boom at the same time. He might come back for $100K when he considers the non-monetary perks.


  7. Will

    Hey, good on McClendon. DGD getting his, and I’m totally fine with taxpayers in the state of South Carolina footin’ the bill.