The Herbstreit Doctrine does (another) 180.

I swear, you could get whiplash if you follow Herbie’s rationale for the shape of the CFP format too closely.  In just a matter of days he’s gone from being passionate about the mistake the selection committee made in not including Georgia as one of the four best teams in the country to this:

“I think UCF’s success in 2017 and then following it up in 2018 with another incredible run has definitely got people talking and got their attention,” Herbstreit said. “On top of that, having the Pac-12 left out again and having the Big Ten champion left out the last three years (has helped). That’s why you have a lot of people coming together saying, ‘We’ve got to figure this thing out.'”

Yeah, that thing definitely needs figuring out.  Especially the part about the Big Ten champ.  That’s Herbstreit’s touchstone; I need to remember to tune out the rest of the noise he generates because in the end, it’s not relevant.


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11 responses to “The Herbstreit Doctrine does (another) 180.

  1. mwo

    I thought at the time with all his sanctimonious bullshit about omitting UGA from the playoffs he was just digging the footings for greater things for his alma mater. Now he has made it clear.


  2. 81Dog

    You want the Big 10 and pac 12 in the playoff? Play better. The whole thing is simple. But but but but “fans of other schools/conferences feel left out!” Wahhhhhhhhh. Play better. But but but but 8 game conference schedules! Cupcake Saturday! Wahhhhhhhhh. Play better.

    You can put in the 4 best teams, let them play it out, and you still have semifinal blowouts. Make it 8 or 16 or 64, Make all the rules you want to hamstring the SEC, 4 is plenty if your goal is to find the best team. UCF is a joke. Congrats on winning your 4th rate conference, nobody but Danny White, ESPN suits (controversy sells!), or anti SEC partisans (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) want to see those stiffs in the playoff.

    Life ain’t fair. Survival of the fittest rules. Everyone wants a trophy, RIGHT NOE WE DESRVE IT, nobody wants to earn it. The whole expansion idea is just stupid, if your goal is find the best team.


    • Clayton Davis

      Well, some teams and conferences get the benefit of the doubt if they stumble. Oklahoma lost to a weak Texas team in 2015, still got in. Alabama lost to Auburn and couldn’t even win their division, still got in. Some other team lost their division but still got in, can’t remember who…

      Wait, that was B1G member Ohio State just 2 years ago.


    • itsdone

      I want to see UCF in! Would much rather play UCF for national championship than having to beat Bama twice, were we to get in the playoff in the future!


  3. Bluto, when ever you see Agent Herbstreit’s lips moving, always remember there is nothing coming out of that pie hole…… knew it would be a matter of time before he tuned in on tosu missing the 4 team get together…….


  4. Macallanlover

    I will join you poor, lost souls at the next battle line, this one is over…and for many good reasons. You can thank the “eight is great” crowd letter.


  5. 92 grad

    All this stuff just makes me shake my head. Why don’t sheeple wake up to the fact that there is no “official national champion “ in college football? ESPN is just using this trophy to match up 4 teams that are really good in a little tournament that is fun as hell to watch and to be in. That’s all it is and spinning this into some kind of official “settle it on the field bonafide super national best winner” is just marketing and everyone buys it. I’m beginning to actually hate it all.


  6. Bob

    Eight won’t be enough either. As sure as the sun rises in the east, 16 is on the horizon. Playoff addicts will not be happy until College Football’s regular season is as relevant as the College Basketball Regular Season.


  7. Uglydawg.

    Herbie haz a red cup or three.


  8. UGA '97

    He is quieter when Ohio State is losing and UGA is winning. For our ears’ sake, hope those trends continue, and good start we just flipped their 4 Star QB and they can have our whiney selfish QB on a platter looking for a “Safe” Environment at Ohio State.