Mr. Conventional Wisdom, on signing day

Same as it ever was…



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  1. An Asshole

    My goodness. Tony’s out on the limb here again.


  2. Walter Geiger

    real men of genius


  3. Rex

    No, no, no. It’s clearly a bias by the northeastern news media.


  4. Russ

    Yeah, but sometimes the fans outside the southeast need to hear the unvarnished truth.


  5. Muttley

    I wonder what the per-word rate on that kind of thinking comes to. I’ll bet those two highly-charged sentences put some serious groceries on the table.


  6. At whut point in time did Capt.Tony of the S.S. Obvious gain the title of “maven”…….by definition”master of the obvious” does not qualify for mavendom type status!


  7. Tronan

    Part of me dislikes how the internet has given every mentally deficient nutjob a platform. But a bigger part of me thinks that establishment pundits’ points of view are of no better – and often even worse – quality.


  8. “The Wit and Wisdom of Mr. CFB.” Who among us is putting together this fine book of comedy? It would make a great stocking stuffer for any football fan.


  9. TimberRidgeDawg

    Who would have thought…


  10. Mayor

    I think his comment was tongue in cheek. Nevertheless it is a pretty obvious thing to say fitting in quite well with his persona.

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    • gotta go with the Mayor on this one. I don’t know how he could have made it any clearer that this actually NOT a radical theory it’s … .as Sgt Joe Friday says …just the facts. Is it an effort to NOT hear sarcasm or is this the jealousy of those of us who don’t make a decent living following what most of us do for fun and actually at our own expense. I understand that his insights are not John Grudenesque …but as it turns out neither are John Grudens. So now I’ll go back to my pathetic life and try and determine what is constitutionally wrong/infirm with the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act.. I don’t need or want any Twitter trash talk about my opinion of Mr Conventional Wisdom but if anyone has ideas about the Street Gang law I’m all ears.


  11. Bulldog Joe

    GATA, Tony.


  12. Clayton Davis

    On the other hand, it becomes something of a feedback loop.

    SEC schools recruit really well, so recruits that are being targeted by SEC schools must be good. Then pollsters look at SEC schools and build into their projections the fact that they have respected recruiting classes, so they rank them a bit higher, giving teams who put together a decent record in the SEC a boost in the rankings. Any bowls that show evidence otherwise are discounted because of lack of motivation.


    • Uglydawg.

      Do you think Auburn lost to UCF because of lack of motivation, or do you think UCF was really the better team? I watched it and it looked like Auburn DGAS for most of the game.
      If we’re going to admit that teams can play really well because they are sky-high and motivated, it would follow that they can play really poorly when they are disinterested and unmotivated.
      Is that taken into consideration for rankings? I don’t think so. If Georgia loses to Texas I believe they will be pushed back in the final polls. Same for LSU if they lose to UCF. Both losses, if they occur, may be attributed to disinterest on the SEC team’s part. That’s a sad thing to have to say.
      But as a lot of people are saying.. Don’t worry, Kirby’s on the mother.


      • Clayton Davis

        I think it matters quite a bit for early season rankings, which make a big difference for end of season rankings.

        There are squads like Boise State and K-State that manage to produce some NFL talent to go with a solid record despite never sniffing the top 25 in recruiting rankings. I know that Boise at times in the last 15 years produced more NFL draft picks than Texas, while Texas had several top 10 recruiting classes and BSU had zero top 50.

        Not throwing shade at Kirby in particular or Georgia in general, however.


  13. kfoge

    Great, now I have to go back and apologize to about 50 people. I told them we made the SECCG because of playing Austin Peay and Middle Tenn, but now I come to find out its because of the players Kirby has recruited? Oy vay


  14. Uglydawg.

    He’s the anti-Herbie.
    Herbie ignores the obvious and continues to want us to believe the Big10 is superb with the absence of real basis.
    (But since it’s not and Herbie knows it, we’re going to 8. Get used to playing a Big10 team in January a lot of years)


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      That’s okay. A Big10 team is like playing Vandy or Kentucky. The bye game in the playoff scheme, if you will.


      • Jack Klompus

        As is the ACC. Can this be discussed?

        Is there no outrage that Syracuse was the best conference team Clempsun played all year? There is not an ACC team, outside of Clemson, that is better than Kentucky.

        And….if Syracuse takes care of business, just once, we’re in the playoff.


  15. Milledge Hall

    In the words of Deon Sanders…
    PAY THE MAN!!!!


  16. The other Doug

    Capt. Obvious also mentions Clemson is crushing it on the recruiting trail and football field, but he failed to explain why Tennessee and GT can’t recruit or why FSU sucks.


  17. Mary Kate Danaher

    I stood next to Tony in line at the bookstore last week. He’s a genuinely nice man, and was willing to talk college football while we waited. When I asked him what he thought about the Sugar Bowl, he said, I kid you not , “Bowl games are about who shows up. If Georgia doesn’t come prepared to play, they’ll lose.”

    It was all I could do not to laugh out loud. Mr. Conventional Wisdom, indeed.

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  18. Kevin

    Radical indeed, Mr. Barnhart. I never would’ve thunk it!


  19. Macallanlover

    In his defense, I listen to CFB fans and talking heads from all over the country daily, and this message would enlighten over 75% of the fans around the country from non-SEC areas. They are convicned of 1) a media bias, playing FCS schools once or twice per year, weal OOC schedule, and most SEC teams saving a cupcake for the third weekend in November. It completely blows by them that the SEC gets the most top athletes every recruiting cycle, has the most players drafted every April, wins almost all the playoff games they play in, and plays in the most intense environments every conference game. I hate the lack of good games the weekend before Thanksgiving, but it doesn’t matter when you play those games, and everyone can schedule games when they wish. And SEC teams play more good teams than any of them every year, doesn’t matter about OOC, you cannot dodge having to earn the conference title. So cut Tony some slack, over half of his audience is really just that dumb

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  20. UGA '97

    Who gives a rats ass about conferences? Dogs only baby!


  21. Tony Barnfart

    I’ll say this for my Better Half, having followed him on the twitters for about 10 days now, he has been going to war with UCF fans over their tissy with Florida and their attitude in general. This was 100% shade and sarcasm thrown across their bow.