Team speed disrupts.

Georgia dropped from 2.27 sacks per game in 2017 to 1.69 per game this season and Kirby thinks he knows why.

“We definitely feel like we’ve dropped off with our speed on the edge after Lorenzo (Carter) and Davin (Bellamy),” Georgia head coach Kirby Smart said. “With Jermaine and Nolan, I don’t know if there are two better rushers in a signing class anywhere in the country when it comes to speed. They have to help us disrupt quarterbacks.”

I don’t think D’Andre Walker is a slouch in the speed department; his 7.5 sacks in 2018 leads the team in both seasons.  But when only one other defensive player notched even two sacks (Channing Tindall, a true freshman who had limited playing time most of the season), yeah, Kirby’s got a point.

Johnson’s already practicing with the team.


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  1. mbrooks

    Kirby had no choice but to get the d-line haul he ended up with. The lack of a championship-caliber front seven is what cost us the SECCG.


  2. ASEF

    Kirby’s front 7, 3 years in, was the biggest surprise to me. Definitely not where I expected them to be by year 3.

    Freshman edge speed is great, but it usually takes those guys 2 years to reach the point they’re not giving up more yards rushing than they take back in creating havoc.

    2019 should see a huge jump in front 7 performance. Otherwise, there’s a big problem in development.


  3. Adam Anderson is going to be the difference maker next year, and Channing Tindall may become an R type of player on the inside.


  4. Macallanlover

    Some of it must have been scheme because we brought a lot of heat against a pretty good Bama line. Other than contain issues when Walker got hurt in the 4th quarter, I thought we were disruptive. Seemed to be more the bend don’t break philosophy to me, but I welcome the new talent and agree we will have a much better front 7 on defense in 2019.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Despite playing the extra game, Georgia was also in the bottom half of the league in turnovers created.

    Departures of Carter, Bellamy, Smith, Atkins, and Thompson off of last years’ front seven plus injuries left some big experience gaps in this years’ lineup. The recruiting holes in Georgia’s senior and junior classes were well-known..

    The young players performed well for underclassmen, but did not yet have the experience to be an elite unit. It could have and should have been a lot worse than it was.

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  6. DoubleDawg1318

    Some of our lack of pressure seems to be scheme related. We smother opponents with containment while others like Grantham choose the high risk/high reward strategy of attack.

    That said, Bama gets pressure and Kirby learned from Saban so maybe it’s our lack of disruptive first round picks on the line that is causing us to lose pressure.


  7. St. Johns Dawg

    Trenton Thompson made the horrible decision to leave school early. Aubrey Solomon chose Michigan instead of UGA in 2016 though, ironically, we may have a shot to sign him again now. Also lost the 2 big D linemen who went to Auburn from 2016 class. Kirby and company did very well with this D line class and Jordan Davis is already looking like an absolute stud. We’ll see improvement in 2019 without a doubt.


  8. The Dawg abides

    Things could change on the pressure front scheme wise, maybe. I’ve read where Kirby wanted to create more pressure but Tucker preferred to play a scheme that limits big plays. I’ve also read it was the exact opposite. So I have no idea.


    • ASEF

      I seriously doubt Mel was in a position to override Kirby. 🙂

      As the talent in the front 7 increases, pressure will come from winning match ups 1 on 1. That’s Kirby’s clear preference. He just didn’t have the horses to do it this year.


  9. artful codger

    Last year’s 2deep on the DL became this year’s starters with mixed results. #5Rochester wasn’t as consistently effective as Atkins in the middle, which remained weak until #99Davis found his footing. Clark had a better year as a sophomore at tackle substituting in for TT. Ledbetter started in ’17 and had another good year, emerging as leader. Walker was consistently effective and avoided the personal foul trouble in previous years. Surprised Grant’s number wasn’t called more, seems I saw more of Cox than Grant or Beall either one.