Enemy of the people

Sounds like it might be time for some of you to turn on Georgia’s star cornerback.

Georgia star cornerback Deandre Baker wasn’t at the Bulldogs’ bowl practice on Friday during the media viewing period and the school provided no word on the senior’s whereabouts.

Baker, a projected NFL first round draft pick, said earlier this month he would play in the Sugar Bowl, but his absence left open the question if he had changed his mind and decided to sit out the game like other top pro prospects have.

A photo posted to his Instagram account early Friday morning indicated he was back home in Miami. Baker was seen at practice on Thursday.

There are indications from those connected to the program that the All-American may sit out the Jan. 1 game against Texas.

Dead to you now, right?


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59 responses to “Enemy of the people

  1. JoshG

    This is what I suggest, nay, demand: whatever UGA is paying Baker per game must immediately be deducted from his salary.

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  2. Athens Dog

    Smart move. Nothing to gain by playing

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    • DawgByte

      ^^^Wanker alert^^^ What about his obligation to the rest of the team, coaches and fans? This type of attitude is ruining the sport we love so much.

      BTW, how many games did he play over the last 3 years without injury. If you live your life worrying about injury you’re not living. FWIW, how many players go to the NFL get injured their rookie season in preseason practice and then never have a career?

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      • The other Doug

        The rest of the team? lol.

        What about the opportunity he just gave the remaining DBs? I’m sure there are a couple of players happy he got out of the way.

        Do you really think the rest of the team isn’t happy to see him getting drafted in the first round and getting paid? I can’t imagine any of them not completely understanding why he is protecting his future multi million dollar contract.


      • What obligation? He left it all out on the field, during meaningful games, for years.

        He has his own future and his family to take into consideration.

        I would much rather he make it to the NFL and dominate, making UGA look like a top tier program, than play in a Sugar Bowl and possibly get hurt.

        I consider it a huge gift whenever players like him decide to play in a meaningless bowl. I do not expect it nor do I think any of his teammates.


      • What about the obligation of coaches who jump ship for a better deal before a bowl game?

        If it’s all about what’s on the front of the jersey that matters, then a kid skipping a bowl shouldn’t matter to a fan like you, amirite?

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  3. ugafidelis

    At this point does he really NEED to practice?

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  4. Ellis

    I would have no problem if he sits this out. It’s a meaningless game against an 8-4 Big 12 team. His absence would have no affect and would give some playing time to the next man up. Georgia still rolls 42-17.

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    • Tony Barnfart

      I have no problem with him sitting out but I do have a problem with this game being deemed meaningless. Playoff or bust mentality will ruin the sport.


  5. Reverend Whitewall

    I was honestly surprised he planned on playing in the first place. I love a guy who loves his team, but my heart would have broken for him if something happened during the game that resulted in a significant injury. Regardless, thanks to Baker for coming back this year to be a leader on the team, we wouldn’t have gotten as far this year without him. But he said from the beginning he was coming back to win a national title, and he left everything on the field trying to accomplish that. Now that the goal is gone, the smart decision would be to not play. Best of luck either way, DGD!

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  6. Jack Burton

    Good for him. But let’s keep making a big deal out of this!!!! Because…wait, why are we making a big deal out of this?

    Also, lol at the thought that any kid will sit out a meaningful playoff game.


  7. DGD regardless of whether he plays or not.


  8. Aladawg

    Just a meaningless game; why should he play. Glad a didn’t fork over $$$ for tickets to this.


  9. NoAxeToGrind

    You got to look out for #1.


  10. D as in Dawg

    Coach should kick him off the team and tweet about selfish players.


  11. Biggus Rickus

    Why does need to be treated as a black or white matter? I can like players and still think they shouldn’t sit out bowl games. Taken to its logical conclusion, seniors should sit out the rest of any part of the season once the team can’t win any sort of championship. For that matter, players should just stop playing as soon as they establish their bona fides enough to be high draft picks.

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    • “players should just stop playing as soon as they establish their bona fides enough to be high draft picks”

      And we are quickly headed there (if not already). When you are selling the NFL to obtain the LOI signature, coupled with the salaries of coaches involved to meet the objectives, I have no problem with this. At all.


      • Ant123

        What bothers me is this discussion seemingly is always centered on the individual players that may or may not sit out, that will soon be making millions. Where is the concern for the teammates especially the seniors playing they’re last game, who’s football carer is over? It is amazing so many people who are on this blog standing up for the players but never for the ones that are only playing for the pride of team accomplishment and personal gratification of being part of something bigger than themselves. The only thing that matters in their last game is whether they win or lose.

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        • D as in Dawg

          You definitely make a good point. Still, it’s hard to blame someone for refusing to gamble with a multi-million payday. No reasonable amount of college compensation is going to change minds.


      • Doug

        Your “selling the NFL” remark is a really good point. If programs are luring recruits with the prospect of NFL careers—which many of them can certainly back up, Georgia included—why should they be surprised when players do everything in their power to maximize their fitness for the big leagues?

        I’d be lying if I said absolutely nothing made me uncomfortable about the sitting-out-bowl-games trend, but why should the players GAF about what I think? They don’t have any obligations to me personally. And in the age of the Internet and social media, I feel like if their teammates really resented their decision to sit out, we’d hear about it one way or another.


  12. J-DawG

    Let’s wait till the real explanation of his absence comes out. May have been a family situation or emergency. UGA is just respecting his privacy. Innocent till proven guilty.

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    • TXBaller

      He may have simply asked to be excused from Fridays practice….Sr came back, never been in trouble, balled out, won the Thorpe….wants to go home and see mama early for the holiday. Kirby granted. It’s no big deal.


      • Dawg in Austin

        That’s what I would expect is the case. Let the senior go home early. He’s earned it.


      • Salty Dawg

        Ima gonna jump on this ship, whether it sinks or not. I’ve read that Kirbs said seniors don’t have to practice (now) as much as the others. He probably went home early for Christmas vaycay. No biggie.


    • I think he simply went home.e for Christmas. Which is like literally what 90% of students do


  13. PTC DAWG

    It’s his choice, and contrary to some, I would love to be in NOLA for this game, should be a great pre game atmosphere, etc.


  14. Biggen

    Didn’t Kirby have a quote somewhere about how some teams occasionally let seniors skip certain practices because of the amount of reps that got the last for years? He said (paraphrased) that UGA normally doesn’t but may do it sometimes?

    If Baker isn’t back by the 26th, he may not play.


  15. Mick jagger

    From the words “Georgia Bulldogs Football Fans” one can arrange the letters to spell “longsuffering”.

    Kinda like Jim Morrison makes Mr. Mojo Risin’.


  16. I hope he plays. If he doesn’t, I understand.


  17. old dawg

    He gave us some good years and now he’s down to one bowl game…I don’t believe he needs to suit up…get on with your life,Deandre,and thanks for the memories…


  18. dawgfan

    Thanks to Mr. Baker for coming back for his senior year and best wishes going forward. Next man up.


  19. The Truth

    He can do whatever is best for him and I don’t begrudge him at all. I just think a great showing against those giant UT receivers might earn him an extra million or so. When you weigh that against the injury chance (and the small but possible chance he’d just have a bad game) it’s just a huge risk/reward decision.


  20. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, if I remember correctly Jadeveon Clowney effectively sat idle most of his final season at SC, so I’ll give DeAndre a break.


  21. Granthams replacement

    Baker = DGD. Fields = snowflake. That is all

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  22. willypmd

    Yeah, absolutely no hard feelings on my end.

    Good luck to him, go get those $ that you have earned


  23. Huntindawg

    I always hated that guy. He’s really not even that good and won’t ever amount to anything in the league. Remember that time he was called for PI twice in one game? We are probably better off without him anyway. I hope we fine him.


  24. illinidawg

    I posted about this last night and told “he went home for Christmas, end of story”. And as for these schmucks with their “meaningless game”, horseshit.


  25. dawgxian

    Not dead to me. There is no reason to risk millions in an exhibition game. Thanks for all the plays these last few years, Baker. I look forward to seeing you on Sundays


  26. tbia

    A little bird is telling me he may not have a choice in the matter.


  27. Macallanlover

    He won’t be dead to me but I am in the camp that Kirby gave him some extra time off to be with his family. I expect, don’t demand, he join the team in Naw’lins after Christmas. Seems like the type of young man who will honor his word and finish the year alongside his teammates as he said he would. He came back for his Senior year so he is already ahead of many in my mind.

    I realize he is getting a lot of pressure and advice from some but will not doubt him due to missing a practice off with his HC’s permission. Baker has already delivered more than any of us could have expected when he signed, my guess is he will be there to help the team next week. Hope he does just that, but that is all any of us can do at this point as this trend continues to grow.

    Everyone can say what they want about this new direction, but it is one more thing that challenges CFB going forward. Don’t know how you can be a fan of the decision to sit once you think you have gotten your reputation solidified with the NFL and not support leaving the team earlier in the season. You can say bowls are just exhibition games (and they are) but all CFB games represent the same level of risk and very, very few are for more than pride. Just one of thousands of examples but both Chubb and Michel could have quit in the middle of their junior season after UGA was eliminated from the SECCG during Kirby’s first year. They were going to test the same way at the Combine, and there was plenty of film on them as well. There are better examples of course around the country every year but the point is: where do you draw the line on what is acceptable to you. From what I am reading most all of you are perfectly fine with anyone taking a walk at any time they wish to pull the plug, and also with everyone bolting for a better opportunity via transfer. Bottomline, CFB only exists to you because of the NFL opportunity. That is your right to any opinion, it just doesn’t fit mine, which is my right. The “development leagues” I have longed for cannot get here fast enough for me; this transition will continue to damage the game of CFB. Not any one player, not any one game, but there isn’t any way to spin this as good.

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    • Chubb and Michel could have quit in the middle of their junior season after UGA was eliminated from the SECCG during Kirby’s first year.

      The irony here, of course, is Baker could have left after his junior season for the NFL and didn’t, and yet here you are wagging your finger at him anyway.


      • Macallanlover

        Certainly gave him credit for that, as well as his intention to play in the Sugar. Also noted the path has been paved by others and that he is getting pressure. So while I am disappointed with the direction this is going, my post wasn’t a condemnation of him by any means. I will always feel players are quitting on their team/obligation unless still impaired by an injury. And feel if you support that, or have no issue with it, why would they wait until the bowl? The same logic applies.

        I am also of the mindset that another game is no more risky than any full contact scrimmage/practice, or previous game. One game insurance plan couldn’t be unaffordable either.

        None of us will change how this plays out, we can just all have opinions.

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  28. dawg

    Has Baker NOT played the bowl game yet? Lets try not to fake-news-hype-troll until the event actually happens, or its confirmed he will not play. LOL at the title of this post, just more trolling. All of it is unnecessarily trying to create a fire where there isn’t one, at least not yet.

    Merry Christmas!