“Man, he’s better than Baker.”

Seth Emerson ($$) writes about the legend that is Stetson Bennett.

Throughout last season, Bennett — an undersized, freshman walk-on quarterback — made a remarkable impression on Georgia’s defense. He once went 17-for-18 against the first-team defense.

“No one has ever done that,” defensive end Jonathan Ledbetter said. “I hated playing against him.”

Bennett’s really made an impression on Ledbetter.

“I got juked. He broke my ankles,” Ledbetter said. “He can go to any school in the country and play. Any school. He’s an undersized guy, but he can make everything happen. I love him, I’m glad he’s coming back. I wish I was still going to be here for it because he would make me better. He made me better last year.”

All of which makes you wonder about his Juco numbers this season, which were nothing to write home about:  in 12 games, 16 TDs, 14 INTs, 1,840 passing yards and a 56% completion percentage.  Sure, he was throwing to less skilled receivers, but he was also working against less skilled defenses.  Still, it’s pretty clear Kirby wanted him and his teammates love him.  Welcome back, dude.


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11 responses to ““Man, he’s better than Baker.”

  1. J-DawG

    Less than good o-lines can cause interceptions. I would like to see video on him before passing judgement. Senator, can you help us out on that?


  2. With Stetson back, the UGA qb room has something to hang their hat on……


  3. Reipar

    If he is playing meaningful snaps next season we are in real trouble.


  4. Macallanlover

    I am glad to have him back like everyone else (strange journey though!) I am surprised that Mel Tucker didn’t take a run at him given his comments about SB. A friend of mine is a Buff supporter and was asking about Tucker. He said they lost several recruits after the announcement, one of them was a QB they needed. Seemed like Tucker might have made a strong play for Stetson, his style of play fits the PAC12 better than the SEC and the new HC is favorably inclined to his talent. He pretty much knows at UGA he is an insurance policy for Fromm and a placeholder until the Fromm replacement is chosen. I don’t mean that as a slap at SB, just the reality of the situation.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Not being an NFL prospect, if I spent a year in Ellisville, Mississippi after leaving Athens as a college student, I would be counting the days until I could return.


      • Macallanlover

        True, but as a QB talented enough to get a UGA scholly, there are a lot of options in between. The CU potential isn’t even among the best, but might have been comfortable.


        • Bulldog Joe

          Teams need a tough scout team QB with the ability to recreate looks for the defense at full speed. Great learning experience for those looking to get into coaching.

          It’s an undervalued role. Worth a scholarship if you can find the right guy.