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Bless their ‘Cocky hearts.

USC beat writer suggests that there may not be a unified SEC front for rejecting further playoff expansion because… well, because this is South Carolina:

The Gamecocks — now, in past years, in future years — have almost no shot to crack a four-team playoff field.

But eight?


I think you’re gonna need a bigger field than eight for that, bruh.


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I love the smell of NOLA in the morning.

Georgia has sold out its Sugar Bowl ticket allotment, but it appears that Texas’ fan base may be outhustling ours on the secondary ticket market.  I hope that’s not a sign we’re suffering from an SECCG hangover.


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“Two OSUs, Ohio State and Oklahoma State, know the way to every recruit’s heart: video games.”

Boy, isn’t recruiting these days great.


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“But if you do this the right way, it’ll work.”

Just remember, kids — America is the place where a football coach can be suspended by the same athletic department that gives him a high-profile administrative job a few months later.

What a country!


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If you come at the king…

A message for Justin Fields from a current Ohio State quarterback.


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