Bless their ‘Cocky hearts.

USC beat writer suggests that there may not be a unified SEC front for rejecting further playoff expansion because… well, because this is South Carolina:

The Gamecocks — now, in past years, in future years — have almost no shot to crack a four-team playoff field.

But eight?


I think you’re gonna need a bigger field than eight for that, bruh.


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29 responses to “Bless their ‘Cocky hearts.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    We’re not far removed from that, but how . . . mediocre.


    • PTC DAWG

      Considering they have shown up exactly once in Atlanta, since 1992, not sure I agree with you on this point.

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      • The Dawg abides

        For sure. I think everyone can agree that we show up in a four team playoff in ‘02, ‘05, and ‘07. Maybe even 2012. USCjr can’t even sniff a major bowl.


        • Probably not ‘05 (2 regular losses), ‘07 (no division championship and 2 regular season losses), and ‘12 (similar to this year with 2 losses – one bad loss and a close loss to Bama).

          ‘02 … we end up playing Miami for the whole enchilada after blowing out Ohio State


  2. An 8 team playoff benefits the loser of the SEC Championship. The teams below that? Not so much…

    Lazy article with very little thought…


  3. sniffer

    That’s one poorly written article dancing around a subject with half hearted conviction. I took one thing away from it, though. He doesn’t care much for Alabama or Clemson.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Doubt the gamecocks would qualify for an eight-team conference championship playoff.


  5. JCDawg83

    Yeah, the four team aspect of the playoff is what has been keeping them out.


  6. I disagree; SCU is on the verge of greatness any day now. In fact, according to a recent thread and article on their 247 board, their 22nd ranked class actually is a top 5 one when you consider they have a 4 star QB coming in, along rolling in top recruits from prior classes into this one (I’m not joking, a writer over there actually made that argument a few days ago).

    This adds up to a massive cannon shot and a closing of the gap between them and us. Nevermind the fact that their class rankings have remained the same while ours have greatly improved under CKS, the gap indeed is closing, and expect SCU to become a perrineal top 5 program any day now.


  7. Olde Dawg 78

    I’ve been around Gamecock fans all my life. My uncle went there and one of my cousins was a big fan. I’ve found them to be as delusional as fech fans but without the Napoleonic complex.

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    • JCDawg83

      Or the historical success on the field, tech has more SEC and ACC championships than the chickens. Living in close proximity to the state of SC gives me ample opportunities to see and hear their delusion. There is no more delusional fan base in the nation than South Carolina football fans.


  8. Otto

    Can we trade them for Clempson?


  9. Reipar

    What is the opposite of a cannon shot?


  10. The Dawg abides

    A wet fart?


  11. Cousin Eddie

    As uSC fans often do they misunderstood the concept of an eight team play off. They thought it meant the top 8 teams in the SEC, that is the only way an eight team playoff would benefit them.


  12. Tony Barnfart

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like Will Muschamp has spent his entire career kind of blaming the world for not being the champion coach he always felt entitled to being.


  13. SouthernYank

    They’re delusional. Not close to UGA, and very soon to again fall behind UF and UT in the East.


  14. Hal Evans

    South Cackalacky would need a NCAA Men’s Basketball bracket to make the football playoff.