“But if you do this the right way, it’ll work.”

Just remember, kids — America is the place where a football coach can be suspended by the same athletic department that gives him a high-profile administrative job a few months later.

What a country!



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13 responses to ““But if you do this the right way, it’ll work.”

  1. Granthams replacement

    This makes Greg look like a wise AD, like not being the slowest zebra……


  2. J-DawG

    This has the look & feeling of Fulmer version 2.0. I give it one season before Ohio State shows him the door.


  3. JoshG

    ESPN has run diligent cover for Urban for the last decade. Some on the network this year even celebrating his accomplishments facing such “adversity,” which reaches new depths of shamelessness. Poor Urban. His own depraved socipathy led to the mildest of consequences…and then reward…again.


  4. sniffer

    I hope this keeps him off ESPN as an analyst and out of my living room.


  5. The other Doug

    No way this works out for OSU, but it keeps Urban fresh for his next coaching gig.


  6. Milledge Hall

    He needs time (employment) for some benefit continuation. Administration agreed to it because corch knows where the bodies are buried.


  7. Columbus is a bubble so he is fine up there as long as he can stand it.

    Urbie won’t want to hang out long and we’ll see where he lands in the next couple years- “core values” and all.


  8. Olde Dawg 78

    So much for teaching that ethics course.


  9. rickdog

    Guess that’s how Ohio St gets away without paying Urban a buyout after his “retirement”.


  10. Russ

    What a joke. aOSU is all in. Auburn would be proud.


  11. Boz

    Love the article’s closing remarks about nobody having an ego… that’s rich.


  12. Code Kel

    What does a fucked up decision by an obviously unethical football program have to do with the rest of the country? Freedom to do stupid shit? Don’t like it move to Mexico….