I love the smell of NOLA in the morning.

Georgia has sold out its Sugar Bowl ticket allotment, but it appears that Texas’ fan base may be outhustling ours on the secondary ticket market.  I hope that’s not a sign we’re suffering from an SECCG hangover.


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    They will quiet down by halftime. Pre game will be a blast..


  2. DoubleDawg1318

    Given that the fanbase has been spending a lot of money on big games recently including LSU, I wonder if some folks are giving the wallets a rest.

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  3. ZeroPOINTzero

    I love the smell of NOLA in the morning. You know, one time we played a game there … The smell, you know that stale beer smell, the whole town. Smelled like… victory.


  4. RangerRuss

    Morning in New Orleans. What is that smell? It’s recognizable. Ah yes!
    Downtown Athens. Garbage,stale beer and piss.

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  5. illinidawg

    We’ll be staying on Burgundy, 2 blocks and a world away from Bourbon St.


  6. illinidawg

    I took a beating on tickets when I “upgraded” and then found the secondary market sucked. It’s my own fault since I KNOW that bowl tickets are always easy and cheap if you wait.


  7. Most tickets can be had cheap with patience and a willingness to walk away if need be. Went to an allegedly sold out McKamise Pavilion/ aka Alexander Memorial for the B-ball game yesterday and got two tixs for $20.00 by just showing up and waiting. Patience grasshopper. By the way……That is like 11 or 12 straight wins in a row in the major sports over the Trade school since the 2016 football loss . I love Georgia Tech ,How bout you?


    • Bulldog Joe

      Not much GT can do about hoops now.

      They can’t afford to add a 4th head basketball coach to their payroll.


    • illinidawg

      Yep, I shoulda known better. However, if I had not bought the tickets ahead of time I would have never offered them to the friends who then offered us their house!


  8. JAX

    More reflective of Texas fan’s not having success as of late than Georgia fan being down on the opportunity.

    How can anyone blame Texas for not being more excited (at least until the half).


  9. Tony Barnfart

    I once woke up on Easter Sunday in an apartment overlooking bourbon street to a very loud sound. Went out on the balcony and there were literally trucks spreading a soapy mess and scrubbing the streets like a dirty dish. Like a street sweeper with a soap spray.

    Low point in my life.


  10. california_dawg

    Any word on who will be our DC for the game? Schumman? Kirby/


  11. CB

    Well tickets are $30 on the Georgia side. Something tells me a ticket allotment sellout really doesn’t mean shit.