“. . . Jim’s very well-compensated, yes, but he’s worth every penny.”

In my next life, if I can’t come back as an athletic director at a P5 program, I think I can settle for being the guy who runs “… a second-tier college football postseason game featuring third-place teams”.

The hefty paychecks enjoyed by bowl bosses long have been viewed by economists as a sign of exploitation in a sport played by amateurs. But even among this coterie of well-paid executives, McVay’s compensation — $1,045,000 in 2017, according to the bowl’s most recent tax filing — ranks as extreme, according to a review of bowl financial records and interviews with industry experts.

McVay, a former Buccaneers marketing executive and uncle to Los Angeles Rams Coach Sean McVay, was the highest-paid bowl executive in the country in 2017, the most recent year financial records are available, even though his organization’s revenue that year — $11.9 million — ranked 10th among bowl organizations. While several bowl bosses manage other games or major events, McVay’s core duties remain as focused as they were when he took the job in 1988: negotiate contracts and sell sponsorships and tickets for one football game each year.

Not bad work if you can get it.



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12 responses to ““. . . Jim’s very well-compensated, yes, but he’s worth every penny.”

  1. With that salary, those responsibilities and those results, I imagine he’s a scratch golfer.


    • Mayor

      It takes more than just a lot of time on your hands to become and stay scratch golfer. Like being good at other sports it takes talent, hard work and the willingness to sacrifice other things people take for granted to dedicate yourself to being successful at your sport. Just sayin.’


  2. Malcolm X

    Among the 10 wealthiest bowl games in terms of revenue, the Outback Bowl ranks eighth in charitable giving since 2000, according to financial records and interviews, with $500,000 donated, all in the last two years.

    The Peach Bowl, meantime, has given more than $32 million to charities in that time frame.


  3. old dawg

    three certainties in life…death…taxes…greed…being a bowl executive is a pretty good gig if you can get one…


  4. Bat City Dawg

    When I opened the article i was ready to pile on this guy. The pay is not proportional, but some of the defenses sort of make sense.


  5. 4th and Kirby

    At first I thought this was an article on Chaney.


  6. I would sign up for that job.


    • The Dawg abides

      Yeah but what if your number one assistant decides to sit out the bowl so as not to hurt his chances of being picked to head up his own bowl?


  7. DawgByte

    More envy and jealously from the resident social justice warrior. Dude go back to school, get your MBA, leverage your skills, work hard and make some money. Your constant droning on about people who make more money than you is soooooooooooooooo boring.

    Better yet, move to Moscow and see how Socialists really live.