“I am incredibly humbled by this opportunity…”


Former Houston offensive coordinator Kendal Briles has accepted the same position at Florida State, the school announced Sunday…

“I’m excited about the addition of Kendal to our staff,” Florida State coach Willie Taggart said. “He brings play-calling experience and familiarity with the type of scheme and tempo we will run, which is similar to the offenses he has coordinated. His ability to recruit, manage an offensive staff, develop quarterbacks and make in-game adjustments will be beneficial to us as we evolve in our offense. Kendal has success at the Power 5 level and has also shown his adaptability to personnel and situations that occur during a season. He had multiple opportunities following the 2018 season and we feel the fit here will be a good one.”


Somewhere out there, Zach Smith wonders if he should be angry about a double standard, or if he should submit his resume to Willie Taggart.


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16 responses to ““I am incredibly humbled by this opportunity…”

  1. TXBaller

    Jameis Winston approves this hire.


  2. We will see how much this matters when we find out if any parents want to send their kids there to play for Mr. Briles.


  3. Jay Gomez


    You do realize that your nom de blog celebrates the peeping tom who kidnapped a woman in her panties (and she liked it) as the climax of the date rapiest movie of all time, don’t you?

    You should post about rape culture with your handle on a mainstream site and watch what happens. Somehow, I don’t think the “woke” will share your nostalgia.


  4. I actually feel somewhat sorry for my FSU friends.


  5. The Dawg abides

    Auburn fans wanted this guy bad. So did Tennessee. Neither gave two ef’s about his past. Guess the lack of protest from FSU folk shows they don’t either. Can’t say I’m shocked.


  6. ugafidelis



  7. Thorn Dawg

    Taggart is gone after next season. Book it.