Question for you…

If the sponsor cancels a bowl game, does a player who skipped it to prepare for the NFL draft still disappoint his teammates, coaches and fans?


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  1. Jack Burton

    Dead horse bludgeoned


  2. 4th and Kirby



  3. Baitstand

    Yes. He was the flapping butterfly wing that caused the lightning that caused the cancellation. How is that not obvious to everyone?


  4. The kids still got a week away from home and some nice stuff. I can’t see how anyone could think they made a poor decision to cancel the game given the circumstances. I do not see the correlation in missing a game that was canceled due to weather versus deciding not to play because you don’t want to.


  5. JoshG

    The Johnson looks like he’s working on getting the Quick Lane Bowl locker room named after him.


  6. truck

    Help me to understand a weather-related delay in a game played inside a stadium with a retractable roof. Couldn’t they just close it? Do they also have lightning delays at the Benz?


  7. Mayor

    In a word: No.


  8. Reipar

    What did the deceased equine ever do to you?


  9. Bulldog Joe

    Still, both BC and BSU put in more effort than the Jackets, who picked up their check and took the Quick Lane out of Detroit.

    Can’t say I blame them.


  10. I believe he did right up until it got called off.