There’s only so much lipstick you can put on that pig.

Florida’s AD is worried about the program’s brand being watered down by different jersey looks.

“It’s my opinion that we have some of the more iconic-looking traditional uniforms in college football,” Stricklin said. “The blue jersey, orange helmet, white pants, that’s a pretty clean look. So we want to be careful to not lose that brand identity by constantly changing things up. I think there may have been a time where we maybe fell victim to that.”

As opposed to merely falling victim to orange and blue, I suppose.

Most current recruits were barely old enough to remember Mullen’s glory days in his tenure as UF’s offensive coordinator from 2005-08, when Tim Tebow was running wild and the Gators were winning SEC and national championships. Re-establishing that brand identity is important.

Yes, looking like Tebow is the key.  Probably means we’ll be seeing more taunting with Gator chomps.  That ought to be good enough for a few SECCG victories.


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24 responses to “There’s only so much lipstick you can put on that pig.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I can call Florida uniforms a lot of things. Iconic isn’t one of them.

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  2. 81Dog

    I hope they re-establish the iconic status Florida enjoyed in the Charley Pell era. Good times!

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  3. Mayor

    FU has the ugliest uniforms in the nation. That’s their brand.

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  4. The Truth

    Iconic or not (not), ugly or not (ugly), it seems Stricklin would have to garner the support of the “black jerseys are the debil” aka fake juice crowd at GTP just on principle.


  5. Rchris

    I still like the idea of Florida and Georgia wearing orange and black, respectively, on October 31, 2020. It may not help the suits establish their “brand”, but it sure as hell would be a lot of fun on Halloween and it would garner a lot of ink for both programs. I guess it makes too much sense for it to actually happen.

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  6. J-DawG

    I wonder if getting back to their “classic” look also means becoming “thug U” again?


  7. Spike

    Iconic? Oh, please.. KInd of fancy themselves, don’t they?


  8. Busta

    They better consider black and gold, UCF is starting to gain some of these “I wanna belong here” Northerners that heavily populate Florida. It’s so hard to find any merchandise that isn’t from the State. These Northerners are force fed nothing but the FL teams. As long as UCF (and if USF could keep itself relevant) keeps winning double digits, fU will NEED to come up with all the gimmicky uniforms in order to save it’s fan base…the bandwagoners from the North (real Florideans pull for FSU/UM) will continue to jump ship.

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  9. Jared S.

    Iconic, as in garish and cartoonish?


  10. These were iconic. Keep whistling past the graveyard, Gators.

    I think Florida needs to embrace their roots with a throwback to tank tops and the Jorts.


    • Macallanlover

      Worst total uni in CFB history. How could an AD and HC ever agree to sign off on that?

      And why aren’t any SEC teams fighting the officials over allowing the “gator chomp” taunt while their teams are penalized for any gesture, or just standing over someone?


  11. Russ

    While I hate orange and blue, I respect his view. I’m glad we dont mess around with our uniforms that much. It’s a uniform, not a fashion of the week.


  12. Puffdawg

    Kind of hard to have staying power when you’ve only been playing football for 25 years or so.


  13. I think they are on the right path here–focusing on their uniforms. What color will motivate them the best? What is the best aesthetic? What will intimidate the opponent on game day and give the team an advantage? Solid work Gators. Keep it up. Catchy tune you got going, just don’t stub your toe on any of those tombstone–er, I mean rocks–as you stroll on by the park.


  14. Go Dawgs!

    I hate everything about Florida, including their uniforms. However, I love tradition. I hated seeing Florida wear their dumb looking stormtrooper uniforms in the Cocktail Party this year. The picture at the line of scrimmage in that game is supposed to be a red helmet with a black G up against an orange helmet with their dumb little redneck script “Gators.” They can play dress-up when they’re playing FAU. You’re supposed to wear your uniform when you play in the games that people are going to remember. If you want to change it up, wear the orange pants and the blue jerseys. I’ve never had a problem with our black pants showing up on occasion.

    And yes, I know that we were the first team to violate my uniform doctrine in the Cocktail Party.


  15. 79Dawg

    The only thing they fell victim to was chasing the color green…

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  16. The gator skin uniforms were awful, but to me, there is no worse uniform in college football than when Florida wears the blue tops and orange pants.

    That is an all time terrible look.

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  17. The color combo, though garish, is alright with me. But the helmets always reminded me of something akin to an offhand find from deep sown some aisle at Big Lots.


  18. DoubleDawg1318

    As a uniform traditionalist, I say stick to the classic with one or two alternates that are consistent with your colors (e.g. UF’s all orange or UGA’s black uniforms). The all time worst alternate has to be the green gator skin uni UF wore 2 years ago.


  19. Tony Barnfart

    I agree with the principle here…….never understood why teams from the AAC change their damn uniform every week. They are the ones trying to actually build a brand (and argue that they have one) yet they are shooting themselves in the foot on recognition. Sorry bubs, the Oregon schtick was cool like 10 years ago.


  20. The Dawg abides

    We’ve had some awful looks ourselves in the cocktail party. The black pants with the Grambling helmets combo is rivaled only by the power ranger unis in their horibleness. Another awful classic, the red jersey/black pant combo used one year under Donnan.
    On another note, ESPN Classic had the ‘88 Gator bowl on the other day. I forgot how good the uniforms used to look. Blood red jerseys without all the busy trim and the sleeve stripes matched with mirror-sheen silver pants. We make fun of Russell now, but they had our colors down pat.


  21. Hobnail_Boot

    For some odd reason, I always want to drink Orange Sunkist when the Gators play.