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Randy Shannon’s knickers are in a wad.

There is something highly amusing about UCF defensive coordinator Randy Shannon’s argument that college players who are deciding to skip bowl games to prepare for the NFL draft will one day decide to not suit up for certain games in the professional ranks.

“If a team is 6-9, no chance of them making the playoffs, are they going to play or are they going to tank it?” Shannon said. “Especially if you’re on the last year of your contract, option year.”

Tanking?  Seriously?  Has this guy not paid attention to the number of pro franchises that use tanking as a deliberate strategy to improve their drafting positions?  Has he missed the NFL teams that, having clinched a playoff spot with nothing more to play for in the regular season, sit their starters?


“The fact that [Shannon] thinks that [spit] matters to people at this level shows just how out of touch he really is,” a longtime NFL scout told CFT in an email that alerted us to the coordinator’s quotes, adding, “It’s embarrassing.”

This is a league that hired Bobby Petrino, after all.  Skipping out isn’t considered a character flaw.  Making an irrelevantly big deal about it, though…

By making his private thoughts public, about the only thing that the old-school Shannon has accomplished is to make his — and his football program’s — job on the recruiting trail that much harder. There’s little doubt his words will be used against him by those competing for the very same recruits who could be in a position to make that very same business decision X number of years from now — and know they won’t have Shannon’s support if he maintains his archaic stance.



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Welcome back to the real world

This Twitter thread from former Georgia players, started by JJ Green who transferred to play for Paul Johnson makes for some great inside baseball commentary.

Makes you wonder what kind of Twitter thread Reggie Ball could inspire on the subject.


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Today, in you’ve got questions?

Do you think Alabama’s offensive line gets a special pass from SEC refs when it comes to holding?

Well, let’s go to the source.  No, not Steve Shaw.  Alabama.

Jonah Williams tends to stay away from social media, but Alabama’s star left tackle knows the kind of stuff that circulates online among opposing fans every time their favorite team gets beat by the Crimson Tide.

“People who don’t know O-line play love to watch it and take a freeze frame and say ‘they’re holding’ because they want excuses for why we beat them,” Williams said. “It always starts with attacks at play, attacks at players, then attacks at institutions, and people won’t just accept teams might be good at football.”

The phenomenon Williams is referencing exists largely on Twitter and popular message boards like the SEC Rant, where fans have done deep dives on statistics and compiled screenshots that supposedly provide proof of how Alabama’s misdeeds get systematically overlooked by SEC officials.

Fair or not, the notion that Alabama’s offensive line gets away with holding has become by far the biggest piece of folklore among SEC fans related to the Crimson Tide’s dominance under Nick Saban.

“Does anybody not get away with it?” Alabama offensive line coach Brent Key said with a slight laugh. “We watch a lot of tape and we see a lot of it. It happens.”

And they say hard hitting journalism is dead.


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Your morning Sugar Bowl mystery

Up until ten minutes ago, anyway.

Well, we knew it wouldn’t be Mel Tucker.

Now, the mystery is solved.

At least we know Lanning isn’t sitting out the game getting ready to go to the NFL.


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