Welcome back to the real world

This Twitter thread from former Georgia players, started by JJ Green who transferred to play for Paul Johnson makes for some great inside baseball commentary.

Makes you wonder what kind of Twitter thread Reggie Ball could inspire on the subject.


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10 responses to “Welcome back to the real world

  1. FlyingPeakDawg

    Gentlemen, this is a football….

    Also, no concern tech will deploy the HUNH offense anytime soon. Too much ‘splainin’ to do in the huddle.


  2. dawgtired

    …and the OL will have to learn how NOT to go to the ground and start crawling when the ball is snapped. LOL, this could be fun to watch.


  3. They may go 1-11 next year with a win vs. The Citadel. Considering the Bulldogs beat USCjr a couple of years ago, they may be 0-12 in the transition year.

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  4. Bulldog Joe

    Kennesaw State is just up the road. You can wear yellow, too.

    Plug and play, boys.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Not sure I see this as Bulldog point of pride. That must be the play where we run the smallest guy on the team up the middle. Always thought CMB’s playbook was unnecessarily complex.


  6. Derek

    The adjustment will be ugly. If Collins doesn’t recruit very well, they’ve just gone backwards.


  7. The Dawg abides

    Tech’s not a place that is real conducive to quick roster flips either. They’re not going to run off guys on scholarship. Most of them came to tech because it was their best offer, but the education is a major plus. Running off players to use the roster spot doesn’t mesh well with their image as an academics first institution. They don’t hit the JUCO route hard either for the same reason. Add to that the fact that they just signed all the players recruited by the previous staff to play in their system. By my count they have somewhere around 10 spaces left. Collins has a little over a month to grab a handful of guys he wants, plus a few grad transfers.


  8. Bright Idea

    Is that why JJ left UGA?


  9. NGAHolly

    But I thought all their players have to take calculus???