Your morning Sugar Bowl mystery

Up until ten minutes ago, anyway.

Well, we knew it wouldn’t be Mel Tucker.

Now, the mystery is solved.

At least we know Lanning isn’t sitting out the game getting ready to go to the NFL.


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22 responses to “Your morning Sugar Bowl mystery

  1. dawgtired

    So, does this suggest we could add Lanning to the list of possible candidates for DC, or is he just the most comfortable in front of the camera? Scott, Lanning and Schumann are on the inside. I saw a mention of bringing Sherrer back as a possibility. I’m curious if we go outside the fold who we would go after. I would think we are at a point we could have who we want.


    • Whoever it is will be running Kirby’s defense. Therefore, I don’t see an outside hire. I think Lanning and Schumann will be the most likely candidates.


    • Anonymous

      It is most likely Derrick Ansley. I expect it to be announced a day or two after the Sugar Bowl. Ansley is currently the DB coach for the Oakland Raiders; their season ends tomorrow. If it was going to be an internal promotion, I believe Kirby would have made the announcement already.

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  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    Should have sent Hairy Dawg. No audio, just gestures as answers to questions.

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  3. UGA '97

    With all the dogs confident noise lately, sure seems to be eerily quiet out of the Texas camp.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    No Coke or Dasani bottle? What’s the world coming to?


  5. illinidawg

    For another “meaningless” game Michigan and Florida and their fans sure seemed jacked for the Peach Bow.


    • Macallanlover

      Both programs could use a win over a Top 10 ranked team at this point. Michigan was blown out by both decent teams they faced this year (and seemingly forever now.) Florida’s biggest win in a while was scraping by LSU at home. Games often become “meaningless” after you have lost them. 🙂


    • Russ

      I just dont know who to pull for in that one. Really can’t stand either team.


  6. TN Dawg

    Florida is easily handling Michigan’s second team.

    Very telling and important.


  7. Debby Balcer

    Since Baker will be at the game does he count against the 70 travel roster even if he does not play.


  8. Tlkdawg

    With FU’s impressive performance, UT probably better next year, GA where it resides currently, and the sh#tshow that was sc at the Bell bowl (hello Nick Chubb memories), I’d say welcome to the hot seat Mr Muschamp. His leash is liable to be short and tight next season.