Pride goeth before a Sugar Bowl.

I mentioned earlier that several Georgia players took to social media in the wake of yesterday’s lopsided results to express being miffed about their exclusion from the CFP.  Does that count as a pre-bowl distraction?

Not according to some of their teammates.

A loss to the Longhorns now makes UGA look like a fraud, but a win, especially a convincing one, might prove their point. The pressure is on but the players insist that they don’t feel it.

“I don’t think we have to go out and prove anything,” sophomore running back D’Andre Swift said. “I think we’re going to play to our standard, which we always do and everything will take care of itself.”

Swift went on to say that he thought the tweets were harmless, that the fact of the matter is that they simply felt quite strongly that the Bulldogs were one of the nation’s top programs.

None of the players expressed any regret about the actions of the teammates. While they may not have participated, the Bulldogs feel that they already put a lot of pressure on themselves to play well. When toe meets leather in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in a couple of days, they won’t be looking at the scoreboard or thinking about the collective decision of the CFP committee. They’ll be trying to do their job to the best of their ability on every play.

This game doesn’t become more important all of a sudden. The UGA player believe they’ve been locked in during Sugar Bowl preparation from the jump.

“I don’t think it’s any extra pressure. As a team, we understand the meaning of the game and the importance of this game,” sophomore left tackle Andrew Thomas said. “We already understand how we need to play to be successful.”

I do think (and Vegas concurs) that on paper, Georgia is the better team.  The question is how much of the game gets played on paper and how much comes down to what’s between the ears of Georgia’s players.  For better or worse, Kirby’s motivational skills will be on display as much as his prep and scheme work is.


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26 responses to “Pride goeth before a Sugar Bowl.

  1. We need to go out like we did against Hawaii and prove a point. If Bama beats Clemson convincingly and we handle Texas, I wouldn’t mind seeing us ranked #2 in the final polls.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      #2 in the final polls? Everyone has to have a dream, I guess. 🙂

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      • Uglydawg.

        Unless Bama blows out Clemson..which I doubt…Georgia can hope for number three an no higher. IF ‘Bama blows out Clemson, Georgia will be #2 in everyone’s hearts but the committee and ESPN will not be allowed to officially express who wrong they got it.


    • Russ

      Yep, need to be locked in and beat Texas like we are capable of doing. A dominant performance will set the stage for next season’s NC run.


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I have seen others complain about the tweets, and I would agree if the tweets were in some way dissing UT and giving them some bulletin board material, but this isn’t that kind of foolishness. If anything, it intensifies their collective determination to prove they belonged and play well. Anything can happen, of course, but I’m not worried about these tweets.


  3. ASEF

    Going to be interesting to see how hard they come out of the gate and how well they maintain that intensity. The danger in this game seems more along the lines of losing focus the longer it wears on. Sort of what Alabama did yesterday, but without that 28 point cushion.


  4. Uglydawg.

    Notre Dame continues to be exposed and embarrassed. But nothing will be learned or changed. If there’s the slimmest of justification for putting them back in next year, back in they’ll go. It’s enough to gag a maggot.


    • old dawg

      all season long I kept thinking somebody would put one or two losses on Notre Dame and get them out of the mix…I had a bad feeling they would make the playoff otherwise…they still get their cut of the playoff loot and they don’t share that with anybody…a nice check for them…


    • Got Cowdog

      For realz Ugly. Notre Dame had about as much business in the final four as our local little league champions and the jury (as far as I’m concerned) is still out on Clemson. OU has a pretty good team and Bama could have scored 50 in the first half had they wanted to. Bama is a juggernaut and the Dawgs had ’em on the ropes the last two times they matched up. No other team has done that.
      I may be surprised, but I think Bama curb stomps Clemson. I think UGA would have handed them (Clemson) their asses as well but in order to avoid a UGA/Alabama same season rematch we get to make a paste out of Texas (Yeah I said it. Mark it down) and we get to watch Clemson and Alabama one more agonizing time.


  5. Captain Obvious



  6. Tweets don’t bother me assuming we back it up and kick ass like we all know we are capable. It’s going to be embarrassing if we are not ready for the game and lose.


  7. Russ

    It may not affect our focus but it will damned sure increase Texas’ focus. We need to be ready for a fight.


  8. This Sugar Bowl could use some more build up. I say the team should go old school and perhaps get in an altercation with some Texas players tonight in the Quarter after curfew. Maybe think about showing up in combat fatigues to the stadium New Years Day. That will get us juiced to kick some ass and then pave the way for some epic celebrations after scores, big hits, etc. I’m talking like Texas six shooters, Fun Bunch stuff, sack dances, etc. Hold nothing back.


  9. FlyingPeakDawg

    Texas is about equal to USCe. More talk and bluster than substance with just a few key players. Dawgs win like we’ve done all season. Only way we lose is if we pull a brain fart like at LSU and get away from who we are. Surely that lesson has been learned, and the Tigers at home are much better than the Horns this year other than their RRR game vs OU.


    • Russ

      I’m sure you watched them a good bit to, but I’d say they’re much better than USCe. Ehlinger is a good QB and runner, and their receivers are pretty good. They have problems closing out games. We need to get them down early and keep them down. Don’t let them in early.


  10. Macallanlover

    I don’t like players popping off publicly like that but it might serve a purpose if they get focused and serious about this game. Texas already had the motivational edge while we have had all the distractions; perhaps this closes the gap. A motivated, more talented group should win. I still think we have defensive issues to deal with. Think we win, but not sure we cover the 14. But blowouts can be very tasty on New Year’s Day.