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Name that caption, chillaxing in Columbus edition

Hey, look who’s hangin’ out with Corch!

Penny for your thoughts…


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How can you tell when a recruiter is BSing?

This is sort of related to my last post and to those who would say it’s up to the recruit to do his due diligence before agreeing to sign a NLI during the early signing period.

Here’s the story of a kid who tried to do just that:

Georgia football quarterback signee Dwan Mathis is arriving at the University of Georgia on Saturday to begin his collegiate career…

Mathis chose to sign with the Bulldogs and decommit from Ohio State on Dec. 19 after a late push from the Georgia football staff.

Former Bulldogs’ backup Justin Fields had been talking with the Buckeyes about transferring into Columbus, leading Mathis to consider other options.

“I called before I went in to sign, I had papers from both schools in front of me,” Mathis said. “… I asked if they were talking to Justin Fields, and I got a ‘No’ ”

Mathis didn’t buy it because there was too much noise on social media suggesting otherwise, but what does it say that a coaching staff would go there anyway with all that out there?  And what does it say about situations to which there isn’t massive attention paid on social media?

I’m also guessing that Georgia’s staff told Mathis a little about Fields’ plans, which didn’t hurt.  It worked out fine for Mathis, but what about the other kids dealing with coaches who don’t shoot straight?



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Today, in life lessons

I don’t blame the coaches for leaving for greener pastures.   (To be honest, I’m surprised it took this long for somebody to grab Neal Brown.)

But I do blame the system for not giving those 77 kids the same opportunity under these circumstances.


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Can’t lose what you never had.

Thinking about slitting your wrists over yesterday’s departures news?  Welp, before you pick up that razor blade, consider this:

Deep breaths, people.  Georgia’s gonna be fine.  Kirbs ain’t sweatin’ it and neither should you.


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