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Hey, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

This is the opposite of a hot take, at least for Georgia fans.

Amazing how Schottenheimer keeps landing on his feet, considering his body of work.



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This month’s best recruiting take

California cornerback elected to sign with Florida in part because he didn’t want to put up with Pac-12 officiating.

“Chris Steele.. it’s interesting, this is a kid who was headed the Pac-12,” Simmons said. “His physical style of play, he felt like translated better to the SEC. And he felt like even the referees in the SEC would be a little bit more forgiving for his style of play. Pac-12 refs losing them one here.”

Larry Scott, when somebody says “even the referees in the SEC”, you know you’ve got a real problem.


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Today, in excruciatingly dumb takes

What makes the observation “I stand by my opinion that Clemson and Alabama are the best teams in college football this season. But are they truly national champions?” even stupider than it reads is that its author believes playoff expansion is within the NCAA’s purview.

Although I give the Old Coach credit for having enough sense not to use his name.


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Today, in excruciatingly hot takes

Shorter Michael Cunningham:  Nick Saban isn’t a great coach because he didn’t succeed in the NFL.


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If the early departures haven’t freaked you out yet…

… maybe this will add sufficiently to your angst.

I can hear the recruiting trail chatter now… along with Jimmy Sexton’s chuckles.


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