CFP’s first DEFCON warning?

Ooh, baby, that fatigue’s a beyotch.


Since Bama-LSU, hunh.  Gee, wonder what happened after that.


UPDATE:  ESPN polishes the alleged turd.


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47 responses to “CFP’s first DEFCON warning?

  1. Saltwater Dawg

    Well, the CFP was competing head to head with the season premier of The Bachelor this year.

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  2. Castleberry

    Any chance that can pick a Saturday?? Just play earlier than the NFL playoffs.

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  3. The Truth

    Look at those overnight market numbers and tell me why the national championship game should be held anywhere but Atlanta, New Orleans, and Miami, with perhaps Jerry World and Indy thrown in?


    • J-DawG

      Did anyone bother to notice all the empty seats in that “all-world” stadium?


      • Bulldog Joe

        With no local interest on a Monday, I suspect the pregame atmosphere was not much different than a 12 noon SEC cupcake game.

        We attended both the CFP Championship and the Rose Bowl games last year. The CFP Championship game felt like a business trip while the Rose Bowl pregame was a blast. It wasn’t the location as much as the timing of the game.

        The CFP Championship should be a celebration of the entire season. The first Monday after the holidays is the wrong time for it.


      • Whiskeydawg

        Yes, there was more than a few.


      • ChiliDawg

        I’ve seen some dumb takes on where the game is played but blaming TV ratings on the location of the game takes the cake.


    • Governor Milledge

      Take it back to the BSC ‘rotation’ system – rotate the championship to the locations which are in rotation for the semi-finals (Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, LA, NOLA).


  4. “New Year’s Six + CFP National Championship Up 8% from Era’s Second Year, Matches Third Year”

    LOL you mean the disaster year when they tried to have the playoff on NYE thinking people didnt have anything better to do?


  5. NCDawg

    I’m with Castleberry. There has to be a way to get the NCG on a Saturday. It’s ridiculous for those of us who work for a living. Plus the travel and missed work to attend after the holidays is infeasible. Ratings and travel would be up tremendously if the NC were on a weekend.
    Great game but I went to bed at halftime in advance of my 5:30 am alarm.

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    • PTC DAWG

      Up against the NFL, ratings would be lower…no one wants a noon kick either…


      • NCDawg

        Whay can’t the NFL give up one Saturday? They leave Saturdays for college all through the fall. Why not strike a deal with the NFL?


        • KornDawg

          Because there aren’t enough time slots for all of the playoff games to be nationwide telecasts if they don’t have at least one game on Saturday. So it’s unlikely any kind of agreement with them would happen.


    • siskey

      I read or heard on a podcast that the NFL has threatened to run a Saturday game head to head and ESPN does not want to upset them.


  6. Brandon

    I would think blowouts always have lower ratings, tune in, its a blow out, tune out, or maybe that’s not how the ratings work.


  7. BMan

    “Gee, wonder what happened after that.”
    Does it rhyme with schmexpansion?



    I watched, I found the blowout fascinating

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    • Derek

      I thought it was wonderful viewing myself.

      Couldn’t take my eyes off it.

      The bammer post game presser was off the charts! The infinite sadness!!

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    • Harold Miller

      Nick’s expressions were like he was being tortured by aliens.


      • Gurkha Dawg

        Damn, I wish I would have watched that . I hung in there til midway through the 4th quarter in spite if my 4:30 AM wake up. I thought a lot of people would like to watch Bama get their ass beat, I sure did.


  9. TN Dawg

    Does showing it exclusively on a cable network reduce viewership?

    I don’t typically pay much attention to broadcasting schedules, but found myself surprised it wasn’t on one of the major networks when I went looking for it.


    • ESPN has the exclusive contract. I am a bit surprised the championship game isn’t on ABC.


      • 79Dawg

        Ratings aren’t the be all and end all – money is (shocker!). ESPN and ABC have figured out that ESPN can charge more per month in subscriber fees if the big events are on ESPN, than ABC can make if they are selling commercials on free-over-the-air TV to a larger audience. (In other words, if the option is make an additional $100MM selling commercials on ABC for 5 ratings points, or demand an additional $.10/month per cable subscriber for 100MM ESPN subscribers because the game is on ESPN, they will give up those 5 ratings points for the additional $20MM faster than you can say “that’s a lot of money!”).
        PS – great job by Baghdad Bob on the press release though!


      • smgattorney

        ESPN owns the damn thing. It created it so it can televise it.


  10. Jack Klompus

    Agree with those that say the game needs to be moved. Having it on a Monday night and not starting it until 8 PM + eastern does nobody any favors. Although it didn’t seem to affect ratings last year, I do think that the “fatigue” would have been overcome and ratings would have been much better if you showed it on a Saturday night.

    Also- why does ESPN feel the need to employ carnival barkers that have limited, if any, knowledge of college football and put them on their main stage? They have the best color guy (Blackledge) in the business doing fu**ing radio. I hope CBS brings him back when Gary’s contract is up. Put Gary, Herbie, and Chris in the booth together and Booger on the sidelines. Oye.


    • Pacific plate

      Herbie sucks.

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      • Harold Miller

        Yeah, but the women dig him.


      • Bat City Dawg

        i didn’t realize until last night how few of Herbie’s broadcasts I watch. He would not STFU last night.


        • Russ

          Yeah, he blathers on. I had to listen to Blackledge a bit on the radio and he was saying how Bama needed to attack the middle of the field on passing. Got back to the TV and there was Herbie telling me how Bama needed to attack the sidelines on passing. I believe Blackledge just because he’s not such a blowhard as Herbie.

          And I can’t stand Fowler’s smug ass.


  11. Macallanlover

    I mean this nicely but, are that many of you unable to stay up until midnight one weeknight a year to see the conclusion of your favorite sport? Between two undefeateds that we play semi-regularly that are reported to be the 2 best? What the hell do you do when you have a meeting that runs late? Or someone has a business dinner, etc., etc.? It sounds like your entire life revolves around hitting the bed by 9PM every Sunday through Thursday night. There are special occasions guys, make a 2-3 hour exception. Herschel made it on 4 hours sleep every night, that burden wasn’t that heavy. I get kids going to school might only get to halftime, but sounds like many of you have an earlier curfew than that. Live a little, only happens once a year, then it goes away for 8 months.

    Guess you folks never have a cold, stress, or busy mind syndrome that keeps you up. This little variation really isn’t all that traumatic. God forbid Jacquelyn Bisset wanted you guys to have a late dinner at her place 40 years ago, but it was on a Monday. Sorry for the rant, but it just seems we hear this all the time as if it is carved into stone that one must have 8-9 hours of sleep every night.


  12. FlyingPeakDawg

    Everybody knows the SECCG was the real championship. This was just an exhibition which explains Bama’s performance and low fan turnout in the stadium and on tv, aight?


  13. Faulkner

    The NFL could do 1 and 4 on Saturday and let the championship air at 8. Makes to much sense so it won’t happen.