Mike Bobo, you’re doing this all wrong.

Colorado State had a poor 2018 season.  Normally in college football’s coaching ranks something like that has little relationship to contractual reality, but that’s not how Mike Bobo rolls.

Mike Bobo sat on the couch in his office and spoke with a decisiveness in his voice. The Colorado State football coach bluntly evaluated the 2018 season, saying the Rams failed in all three phases of the game in a 3-9 campaign.

In diagnosing the season with his staff, athletic director Joe Parker and some of the players he expects to carry a leadership role in 2019, what linked the outcomes was a lack of accountability.

It’s the message he’s discussed with his staff and what will be delivered to the team when the players return from break in January. To make sure they understand accountability begins with him, Bobo said Monday he will set the initial example.

Bobo informed Parker two days after the loss to Air Force he would decline his $100,000 raise for the 2019 season. He amendment his contract and signed it in the past week, leaving his salary for this season at $1.8 million.

Jimmy Sexton shakes his head in disbelief.  Meanwhile, Greg McGarity sheds a quiet tear and wonders if he should have done more to keep a fiscally responsible assistant coach in Athens.


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15 responses to “Mike Bobo, you’re doing this all wrong.

  1. FlyingPeakDawg

    Bobo is a DGD but worked for Richt, so let the bashing begin in 3…2….1….


  2. atlasshrugged55

    Way to go Bobo. It takes integrity & humility to publicly accept responsibility for a season gone awry. Hopefully CSU rebounds in a big way in 2019.

    Love the Fightin’ Bobo’s.

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    • Macallanlover

      +1 He was almost destined to struggle when McElwain left with very few goodies in the cupboard but he has to own it going forward. Mike is an excellent OC and may just not be top quality HC material, or perhaps he could have benefited too much from the talent and will never get it done in Colorado where the talent is a long way off. DGD, wish him well and would welcome him back. Would love to see him at the controls of this talented group offensively, would give odds we would have seen a lot more creativity than we have under Chaney (who has definitely benefited from the offensive talent he has had in Athens.) Kirby and Mike are pretty good friends, would be worth double Chaney’s salary, imo.


  3. J-DawG

    If Cheney jumps ship per the rumors about UT wanting him let’s get Bobo back as OC with Kirby making sure that McGoofus pays him this time.


  4. Russ.

    McGoofity was crying in his oatmeal when he read that.


  5. Ray Avret

    I would love to see the numbers this offense would have with Bobo calling the plays.
    He is/was hands down better than Cheney.
    The offense was better and a lil more complex running multiple formation and player groupings


  6. Debby Balcer

    I hope Bobo stays healthy and has a great year . He is a man of integrity.


  7. That is a good catch Senator.


  8. William Orange

    Any word on whether Kirby will refuse his Sugar Bowl bonus ???