Remember, kids, America is a great country.

As my previous post indicated, the bullshit was flowing rather freely last night.  Here’s the CFP’s contribution to the festivities.

That’s enough to make me sympathize with Central Florida.  Well, almost.


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4 responses to “Remember, kids, America is a great country.

  1. Me thinks the CFP doth protest too much.


  2. 81Dog

    Equal opportunity isn’t the same as equal results. UCF can cry all they like, why should they get a pass to the final 4 because they won their crap league nobody cares about or expects? Should all the teams who have been building programs for 50 or 100 years just step aside because some JUCO in Orlando woke up a few years ago and proclaimed themselves “contenders”? Apple, Amazon, Google… All elbowed their way to the top level. GM and Sears didn’t say “oh here, it’s not fair we dominate the Dow.” Shut up and build your program, like FSU did.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Yep, and all profits go improving education.