Athens North

Columbia, South Carolina, the place where former Georgia players go to coach 8-5 teams.


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20 responses to “Athens North

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Congrats. At least we knew he wasn’t going to Tennessee. 😉


  2. 30904Dawg

    Athens “East” is more accurate, Senator


  3. Otto

    At least they aren’t going 8-5 in Athens. It would be nice if it evolved into a minor league coaching position for UGA. I’d love to see some UGA Alums move into the majors in Athens.


  4. Butler Reynolds

    North? That’s Clemson, not Columbia! 🙂


  5. 202dawg

    Agent Brown, Agent McClendon, and Agent Muschamp. A little overkill in Columbiagrad, no?


  6. barneydawg

    Still wish Thomas had taken that opportunity to punch out Pruitt.

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  7. Brandon M

    I see they don’t teach geography in law school


    • 4th and Kirby



    • Ole Dawg

      Athens GA latitude 33.9519
      Columbia SC latitude 34.007
      Even we lawyers know that 34 latitude is north of 33. What was your pathetic major ?


      • Brandon M

        Next time you give someone directions to Columbia from Athens, be sure to tell them to go North to get there. .0551 degrees means they are almost on an identical plane (which to the thousandth degree, what two cities are?) There are 4 possible directions on the compass, not only 2. All your “evidence” does is prove that it is East and not North. Thanks for proving my case for me. I hope you’re not a trial attorney.

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  8. Go Dawgs!

    I hate that it’s at South Carolina, but I’m thrilled that Thomas Brown has found a soft landing spot. I was worried about his future after Richt pulled the plug and Diaz fired the entire offensive staff down there. I’m beyond thrilled with the work Dell McGee has done, but I loved having Brown on the staff here, too.

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  9. Will Trane

    MIzzou’s Barry Odom turns down position with Oklahoma.
    The coaching changes are going on everywhere.
    Must be post season.


  10. 69Dawg

    Muschamp is out UGAing UGA in the hiring of UGA coaches. How about Kirby bring in Ben Watson as TE coach? He probably is too busy to want to but we could offer. Always thought Hines Ware would be a knock out (literally) hire as WR coach.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Just because you were a great player at a position it does not necessarily follow that you’ll be a great coach. Go out and get the best coach for the job.


    • Bright Idea

      TE and RB coaches are primarily recruiters and I doubt Hines or Ben Watson want any part of being on the road all the time.


    • The Black Irish

      I would think watson is more interested in continuing to play in the nfl than be a position coach somewhere. I would think he is more interested in winning his playoff game thats coming up.


  11. Russ

    Good luck to him. DGD. Just not too much good luck.


  12. Ray Avret

    8-5 finishes with the lack of talent they have is showing them x-dawgs are doing a hell of a good job