Georgia Tech is going Full Saban.

It’s probably not a bad idea.

When it comes to recruiting, or virtually any aspect of building a college football team, there are few better templates, if any, than Alabama and coach Nick Saban. When new Georgia Tech coach Geoff Collins held a news conference Thursday, his first time addressing media since his hire Dec. 7, he made clear again that Tech’s recruiting efforts going forward will be influenced by Alabama and Saban.

Collins himself and new general manager Patrick Suddes were formerly part of the Crimson Tide recruiting operation…

“When we took over at Alabama in 2007, (Suddes) was one of the integral pieces of helping set up the infrastructure for the recruiting, for the operations that we did over in Tuscaloosa and was a valuable member of the staff,” Collins said. “He understands the blueprint of how we do things.”

Collins said his plan for recruiting will be based a lot on what he learned from Saban.

“We were lucky to be a part of that initial set-up that’s gone on to have a lot of success,” Collins said…

Suddes and Collins are joined by another more recent Alabama employee. Collins closed the news conference with his announcement that the hire of Alabama offensive line coach and Tech grad Brent Key was official. At the news conference, Collins made mention of Key’s contributing to a national championship and two SEC championships with the Crimson Tide.

“I think it’s huge being able to learn from coach Saban the last couple years, be a part of that program and bring that knowledge here to Georgia Tech and a place that he loves,” Collins said.

Man, talk about your culture change.  Going from being disinterested at best in recruiting to importing the Process to the Flats is likely to be a taller order than going from the triple option to a pro-style attack.  No, Collins isn’t going to recruit at Saban’s level, but there’s a lot of hay to be made in the current version of the ACC by a Tech program that’s competent at recruiting in state talent.

And if he’s dinging Alabama and Auburn a little in the process, what the hell, eh?


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26 responses to “Georgia Tech is going Full Saban.

  1. 81Dog

    “when we took over at Alabama in 2007″…….Geoffrey thinks a lot of himself, doesn’t he? It was nice of him to carry nick in those early years. He seems to be a good recruiter, and he seems to have George o’leary’s high self opinion. I guess he was the real brains behind nick, too.


  2. mwo

    I saw his presser about Brent Key on the local news last night. There was a to go cup from waffle house on his lectern, not a bottle of coke or dasani.


  3. paul

    I’m old enough to remember when Georgia and Tech were genuine rivals. Collins may not have carried Nick but he may just be good enough to turn this into a rivalry once more. And he’s certainly good enough to make Tech a better team.


    • Reverend Whitewall

      Yep. Like Bluto alluded to, he could feast on giving those high 3 star guys and even low 4 star guys that don’t get offered by UGA a viable alternative to stay in state. And a well coached group of those guys will do some damage. He’s got a minimum of 2-3 years in heavy lifting though to get that roster where it needs to be.


  4. dawgfan

    We live in the present so I’m not worried one bit about Jeff turning Tech into the next Alabama. As for the future, I looked at Tech’s 2019 schedule and they open up on August 29 at Clemson! Stop worrying about Coach Jeff, Justin Fields, and the open coordinator positions for a second and think about how much fun that will be. Looking at their schedulle for 2019, Tech has a shot a perfect record. It just depends on how good the Citadel is.


  5. DawgPhan

    I think that Tech fans have to be excited.

    I think that Tech will likely fall short when it comes to spending the money to play process ball.


    • Russ.

      If only all their graduates were actually millionaires like all the nerds on Stingtalk say.

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    • Bulldog Joe

      Agree. I doubt the remaining GT fans have enough money to fund that type of operation.

      In Collins, I don’t see the qualities needed to draw young people to support the program. Tony Elliott would have been a much more dynamic hire.


  6. Russ.

    But….calculus!! How will all those players make it into Tech? I guess the Homer Rice Professor in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts is going to get much busier in the future.*

    *Those are real things, BTW.


  7. Derek

    I don’t doubt that some things Saban does at Alabama can be applied to lower tier programs, but THE reason for the success is recruiting at an elite level. Tech won’t.

    As such, one element of Saban’s process, don’t worry about who we’re playing just do your job the same way every week, is gone. You just can’t count on being better at 20 of 22 positions, or more, week in and week out.

    I don’t think the average fan realizes the challenge of playing better athletes every week when you’re doing essentially the same things schematically as they do every day.

    You’re going to have to our prepare, out condition and out coach a lot of teams to get W’s. Easier said than done.

    No matter how good this coach is or the staff he gets is or the recruiting improvements we see, he’s going to have a very hard time getting more W’s than CPJ.

    I say “doomed to failure.” Or he won’t fail and he’ll be at a real program and quick.


  8. Whiskeydawg

    Trying to put Mag Wheels on the Rambling Wreck.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Anyone taking bets on when Collins lands his first 5 star recruit? If he gets 1 between now and 2023 I’ll be thoroughly impressed.


    • Derek

      Calvin Johnson did it. It wouldn’t be that shocking. Didn’t help.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Respectfully disagree. Calvin Johnson signing with gtu was a shock. Its equivalent to Ed Oliver signing with Houston. Or closer to home, it’s unusual on the order of Herschel signing with the New Jersey Generals, or Herschel being traded for a dozen high draft picks along with a batch of players.

        Sure, something that unusual happens once in a while. But its such a shock to the system that folks who follow football rarely forget.


        • Derek

          Maybe it wasn’t to me at the time because we seemed to miss out on so many in state 5 stars back then. Then the ones we got like Mudcat or Brandon Miller don’t do shit. I also remember that Calvin was high on Tech through the recruiting process and never high on us for whatever reason.


          • Milledge Hall

            Calvin was high on Tech, but what was his record against The Fairest of the Southland?
            A five star player on a one star team is still a rambled wreck!


  10. The Dawg abides

    And they’re already a full recruiting cycle behind because of the early signing period. By my count, between underclassmen on the roster and the number of current signees and commits, they are already at 85. And those were all players recruited for Johnson’s system. They only added about three new commits after Collins was hired. I’m sure a few guys won’t be back, but not many at a school like tech. They’re not a place that is as conducive to a quick roster flip as is a Bama. They’re not gonna ‘process’ players, and guys aren’t gonna transfer for playing time because of a log-jam of talent. Not much room for grad transfers either. They will need a qb to run a pro-style. I’m wondering if Key will bring one with him Bama.


    • Russ.

      The have a bunch of legacy offensive linemen they need to R-U-N-N-O-F-T.


      • The Dawg abides

        That’s the rub. An O-linemen already at tech likely doesn’t have any real NFL opportunities, outside of maybe the guard Braun. They are most likely going to want to get that degree from tech rather than get playing time at Kennesaw State. And I just don’t see tech becoming a place that runs students off en masse to flip a football roster.


    • piper

      there’s a reason they gave him a 7 year contract. they know he’s got some work to do to turn that roster around. he’s probably got a rough couple of years ahead of him, but the roster will get better than what paul johnson put together. no doubt about it.


  11. Looks like Tech may be a legit rival again before long. They’re putting together a decent staff by the looks of it.


  12. And Florida. And Tennessee…. Or they’re trying. My point is that we need to get over this damn hump and keep the pedal down.