Habemus OC!

How big is Coley’s crayon box, I wonder…



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75 responses to “Habemus OC!

  1. Sean

    Not surprised, just surprised at how long it took to announce it.


  2. Debby Balcer

    If Kirby believes in him I think it will be a good choice. Since he was co OC makes sense.

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  3. pumblechook

    I know many wanted Enos, but honestly, I don’t see it. He seems to be a great QB coach, but his one and only stint as OC at Arkansas was very underwhelming. For that matter, so was Coley’s, but at least with Coley you have continuity in system and personnel.


  4. The other Doug

    We need to stop hoping for an innovative OC. Smart is all about road graders, running backs, and a few passes.

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  5. ChiliDawg

    I am OK with this. I wasn’t really looking for Kirby to go hire some name guy to bring a different kind of flashy offense in. Coley turned down this same position at Texas A&M and Miami because he wanted to get this job in Athens. How many of y’all really think Jimbo Fischer would have tried to bring in Coley if he didn’t recognize something special about him?

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    • The other Doug

      Jimbo is the playcaller

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    • I agree. Plus, I thought earlier in the week that if Tennessee was so smart, they should have gone after Coley rather than Chaney.


      • ChiliDawg

        Throwing 1.5 million at Chaney only reveals one thing – how desperate Pruitt was to get somebody in that job.

        Let’s be honest here. None of us were excited about Chaney when Kirby brought him in. He did a nice job, but no way in hell was he worth 1.5 mil. This isn’t a “coup” for Tennessee. It’s a sign of desperation. And you’re right, if Pruitt was smart, he would have offered Coley the job (hell, maybe he tried and Coley wasn’t interested – he wasn’t interested in aTm or Miami…).

        I think we’re going to be more than pleased with Coley.

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        • artful codger

          He did a decent job for the most part …put up good numbers and we won a lot of games. But when he did screw up, it was so glaring and seemed so elemental, it left me wondering how in the hell he ever got this far in the profession.


        • Doug

          Agreed on all counts. I didn’t think Chaney was the four-alarm dumpster fire that a lot of Georgia fans seemed to think at times this season, but nothing he did struck me as crying out for a $1.5M salary. Tennessee’s hiring strikes me as more of a “look y’all we gots money, VOLS R BACK!!!1!11!1!!” move than anything else.


  6. D as in Dawg

    Works for me. Now how ’bout that DC??

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  7. mwo

    If Sam Pittman likes him I like him!

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  8. Tronan

    Coley supposedly has always been a great recruiter. That’s probably the main reason he got the promotion. Not too far behind is his time in Kirby’s system. He’s a safe, unsurprising hire.


  9. Mick Jagger

    Keeping that south Florida pipeline open for recruits. And, yes, keeps Pittman happy.

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  10. Mike Cooley

    My reaction to this news is basically, I can live with it.


  11. TomReagan

    If he finds Bobo’s old box of crayons I’ll be happy as hell.

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  12. SpellDawg

    Biding our time until Bobo comes home…


  13. Ellis

    I’d like to know how his play calling differs from Chaney. I understand they had their differences in philosophy, how does that translate to a more dynamic, unpredictable offense?


  14. scottrollins

    Senator, that has to be one of your best titles for an article

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  15. ilini84

    Let the whining begin.

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  16. The Dawg abides

    Just reading the tea leaves, I think Smart kicked the tires on a few guys to see how they felt about a co-title with TE responsibilities. If there was any talk with Gran, it was probably just for TE. Some are speculating that Enos was contacted, but didn’t want to share responsibilities with anyone. Why else would he go to Miami- for full control of the offense and QB’s. Smart values Coley enough as a recruiter that he made the promotion last year to keep him, even at the risk of rankling Chaney, which by reports it did.
    So it may have come down to this for Kirby: is Enos that much better an OC and QB coach than Coley that it would be worth it to demote Coley, making him apt to move on and lose one of his ace recruiters.


  17. FlyingPeakDawg

    Does he:

    Recruit undersized RB’s for those 3rd and long draw plays?
    Love fake kicks?
    Run the RB dive for every opening play of every opening drive?
    Know what a TE is?
    Know what a FB is?
    Use the jet sweep deep in the Redzone?
    Face a power D team with sluggish offensive and decide to boost the passing game?
    Find something that’s working…and stay away from it?
    Know who Kirby was cursing at over the headset?
    Run the triple option?


    • CB

      Does he line up in an i formation with a slot receiver at tailback on 4th and 1 with the game on the line? If so, does he come out in the same formation after the defense calls timeout and proceed to give the ball to that same receiver dotting the i?


    • Salty Dawg

      Enquiring minds want to know! I do!


  18. 4th and Kirby

    It’s not Chaney, so at least we’re better.


  19. Derek

    Let me be the first:

    COME ON COLEY!!!!!!!


    • sniffer

      Guy in 103, Row 23, Seat 12 beat you to it. He’s the one with the tickets from from the past 5 decades pinned to his hat sitting next to an embarrassed son.


  20. Cool with it. How hard can that job be?


  21. Spike

    Great hire! I hope..


  22. 209

    Two reasons Coley is a very good hire.
    #1- Very good QB Coach, knows offense and great recruiter
    #2- we do not need to be changing the offense that CKS has been recruiting
    players to excel in his Pro style offense just to say, “Great we got the
    OC from Texas Tech (or some place) that throws the ball 50 times a
    UGA would have to start over if that happened and I don’t care to start
    over. I trust Coach Smart.
    (If Coley pisses you then wait a week or two and when Lanning is promoted
    to DC and you can be really pissed)


    • Joe Schmoe

      It’s not just offensive style or philosophy, it’s terminology and actual playbook which would create a big learning curve for everyone on offense. That is what I was really worried about. I’m sure Coley will make some tweaks, but we can at least make that a more gradual change to avoid the issue with the existing experienced players having to learn a totally new system.


  23. Go Dawgs!

    Just commenting to tip my hat on the papal election smoke joke, Senator. That made me laugh.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Also, any of y’all who are feeling uninspired or concerned about the hire should go read Emerson’s piece at The Athletic in which he interviews people about Coley’s time at Miami. There’s more to it than just the numbers showing where they finished every year in total points or whatever. The folks down there love him and were impressed by him. There’s a reason he’s well thought of and it goes beyond recruiting.

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  24. mp

    I admit I am disappointed that it’s not Enos (especially since I didn’t think he would be available). I think at Alabama he walked the balance between power & spread – they have the option to beat you both ways. I think UGA has the personnel to do so too.


  25. CB

    With Coley as offensive coordinator from 2013-2015 Miami finished 46th, 42nd, and 64th in total offense, and 36th, 59th, and 67th in scoring offense.

    What are we thinking about this?


    • Go Dawgs!

      I think that there’s a reason Al Golden got fired at Miami, and that Coley did a good job with the hands he was dealt. You should go read Emerson’s piece on Coley’s time at the U on The Athletic.


  26. Will Trane

    Are we sure this is our OC. Just because Dawg Nation Seth Emerson says so.
    Even heard that Klif Kingsberry has phoned in.
    But the Georgia Dogs site has it Coley this morn. So there, finally we know and do not have to rely of the DN bunch.
    But DN now says this was it [and could even have another “co”] along because the system will remain the same, and Smart likes for his offensive to be “complimentary to the other two phases”. Wait you can stop digging DN.
    Dont’ all HC want that. Duh!
    So why did Smart make such a huge effort to retain Coley from joining Fisher at A&M in ’18? Offense.
    The Phil Fulmer Drew Bress UGA Offensive Coordinator James Chaney [sorta like that baseball coach’s title] had a good offense with back to back RB s with 1,000 rushing each. That is impressive by any standard. But getting shut down at Auburn, LSU, goal at UF, and Bama. Over that two stretch of games and 2 Five Star QBs decide to leave. Then your head coach has what is commonly referred to “WTF!” moments.
    Then you have 3 juniors go pro, and not a one of them had a 1,000 yard receiving in a season, and he has one of the top rated QBs. Say what!
    Well, that is coverable. Why? Dawgs in their entire history has had only one receiver had that much in a season.
    There is one team in the SEC that sorta resembles Clemson’s offense. Take a guess. Coached by the guy who had a very strong interest in Coley.
    Think Smart wants a passing attack that is as good as his running game.
    We can be fair and call that complimentary to please the boys at DN.
    Now take a peek at the ’19 recruits [one in particular] and the WRs coming back.
    I’d say down the road be prepared to see a 1,000 WR leave early for the pros.
    Think they are coming.


  27. Bulldog Joe

    Congrats to Coach Coley. Leadership and the ability to think on your feet are good qualities to have in this position.



  28. Gurkha Dawg

    Coley is fine with me. When I heard about Pruitt hiring Chaney I thought of the old saying: “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM computers “.


  29. Dovedawg

    Coley is young enough to both communicate with recruits and players and also add some imagination to the offense. He will be fine and I think that the offense will actually do better under his direction. I do not believe that he will suffer from the same paralysis that we saw in LSU, second half SEC, and TX games. I like the hire.


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