Not so great can still be damned good.

So how disappointing are those CFP national championship game viewership ratings?

Despite the declines, Monday’s game still earned a larger audience than every game of last year’s World Series, every game of the last two NBA Finals, and every game of the last three NCAA men’s basketball tournaments. It trounced last year’s Villanova-Michigan men’s basketball championship on Turner Sports, which had a 9.2 and 16.0 million.


Must be a lot of fatigue going around these days.


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7 responses to “Not so great can still be damned good.

  1. Butler Reynolds

    What? There was a World Series? Who won?

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  2. CB

    In other news, despite his decline, Evander Holyfield can still out box a 10 year old.

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  3. TomReagan

    The SEC championship drew a 10.5.

    BTW, to the March Madness is a great argument for an expanded playoff crowd: that basketball title game – which featured a national name Big10 school and a recent champ and big east coast city team – only drew a 9.2 in prime time. People care about the first weekend of the tournament and then tune out after their brackets are busted.


    • CB

      Nova isn’t a national draw, blue bloods bring better ratings. You are correct though. NCAA basketball is a joke. a team can go winless throughout the regular season and still have a chance to win it all with the conference tournament.


  4. Thorn Dawg

    NBA is trash. How do you expect people to tune in to watch these poor guys slaving it only to make money for old white men.?


  5. The Dawg abides

    In other words, it still draws more eyes than any recent sporting event not named NFL football.


  6. ASEF

    Wait a minute. All those sports have extended playoffs. I’ve been assured such things will ratchet CFB popularity into the stratosphere.