Alabama, chicken soup for the Bulldog soul?

Once again, if you’re feeling a little down about the January Georgia is having, Tuscaloosa is here to bring some measure of comfort.

And that doesn’t count their backup QB who’s in the transfer portal.

Still, I have a feeling Nick Saban’s gonna be okay this year.


UPDATE:  If you’re really needing some cheering up, Stingtalk is here for you, folks.



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17 responses to “Alabama, chicken soup for the Bulldog soul?

  1. Kdawg

    Wow, just wow to Stingtalk. That’s some serious delusion over there. The amount of insight the message board dorks have into the UGA program is staggering. Kirby must have lost all control.

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  2. ugafidelis

    Oh Georgia Tech… Don’t ever change.

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  3. J-DawG

    The decline of the dynasty has begun. #1 recruiting class does not matter. I just hope that they are still strong when we finally take them down. To beat a weakened team would dilute the victory.

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    • Bulldog Joe

      If they make the SECC this year, they will be plenty strong.

      But we play them in Tuscaloosa next year, so who knows?


  4. Bury tech this year. Absolutely no mercy. Run it up as much as possible.

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  5. DawgByte

    Apparently facts don’t matter to Tech fans. From everything I’ve read, Kirby did NOT offer Gran the position of OC and only discussed a position coaching job. I’ve also read Coley was Kirby’s first and only choice for OC.

    I guess the Nerds need something to cheer about off the field.


  6. Bigshot

    Doesn’t mean a thing. They will be better next year, because that is what Alabama does.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Still can’t get over the hubris of so many underclassmen thinking they are nfl material. Last night I read a list of underclassmen that included a projection showing the round each player could be drafted. Just about every player was projected to go in the 4th round, with most players considerably higher! One would think there was 100 picks in each round. Basic math says a lot of early entrees are going to be very disappointed. Somebody like Trent Thompson or Brad Kaaya should talk to these kids before they walk away from free education.


    • PTC DAWG

      Average signing bonus:(I may be off by a few percentage points but… you get the scope)
      1st – Between $3MM and $10MM depending where in the draft order. Average, lets say, is $5MM
      2nd – $1MM to $2.2MM
      3rd – $700K
      4th – $550K
      5th – $ 175K
      6th – $50k
      7th – $40K


  8. The Dawg abides

    What’s crazy is that two guys with some of the highest draft projections, DL Raekwon Davis and CB Trevon Diggs, decided to return. Most people thought theses guys were no-brainers to come out. Both first round projections.
    At least they’re getting the numbers down. By my rough count, between underclassmen still on the roster and commits, they’re around 90 right now. And they’re looking to add more recruits. The real processing of guys that want to be there hasn’t begun.



    Stingtalk is HIGHlarious.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Doesn’t look like bama loses many seniors, maybe 5 starters, but Hurts and the 7 early draft entries should take a toll. I know, saban will do a triple backflip and land on his feet. But he’s 67, he’ll have yet another batch of new assistants, and that’ll be a fairly young team. They’ve got the sec west, scu and utk in 2019.


  11. Hal Evans

    I guess Stingtalk doesn’t realize it’s easy to get coaches from above you when you are the bottom of the barrel. It’s a little harder when you are at or near the top. M
    Maybe they don’t teach stuff like that at Yech.


  12. That’s one of the best Stingtalk threads I have seen in a while. They had been slipping back into despair, but it seems the new coaching hire has spruced some of them back up. Thank you lord.