One more slot off the board

Finally, we’ve got a Richt guy on staff.  (I keed, I keed.)


UPDATE:  More on Hartley here.  I had forgotten about this:

Hartley is best known for helping prepare Georgia’s defense for the 2009 Independence Bowl after Willie Martinez had been dismissed.



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22 responses to “One more slot off the board

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Welcome back. Can he design trick plays?


  2. Go Dawgs!

    He was 24/7 Sports’ #1 recruiter last year. This is a good hire.

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  3. That get’s a Gus Bus BOOM out of me; huge hire.


  4. What, UGA hired a guy best known for his defensive prowess as a tight end coach…this whole thing has gone to shit, Kirby’s lost command of his senses, we are doomed!

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    • Macallanlover

      That would be helpful after Ford returned home to Illinois. I had hope for him this coming season. Wish him well, but that was a blow.


  5. I was at the 2009 Independence Bowl. Lol


  6. J-DawG

    I am not familiar with his previous stints at UGA and I assume he knows what he is doing, but here’s my question: How can someone who did not play the game be a position coach? Is this common or rare? Not Dawgrading. This is new to me.


  7. The Dawg abides

    I was hoping they would give TE duties to Fountain and hire another qb coach to bring some new ideas to the offense. There were three coaches with OC experience last year counting Jay Johnson, now there is one. I guess it’s sink or swim with Coley now.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Though I’m happy with Hartley, I agree it would’ve been good to get somebody who had background with game-planning an offense. And some QB playing or coaching experience wouldn’t of hurt.

      Looks like Kirby really put a lot of responsibility on Coley’s shoulders that was previously parceled out to 2 assistants and an analyst. Not to mention Coley’s responsibilities as a top recruiter. I’m betting Kirby looks far and wide for an analyst or two to assist Coley.


  8. NoAxeToGrind

    I guess we will all just have to wait and see. Coaching for Richt does nothing for me, but I will keep an open mind. One never knows.


  9. Couldn’t Pittman just teach the TEs how to block?


  10. DawgPhan

    they are clearly not trying to win the press conference.


  11. MDDawg

    I’ve visited the Miami message boards a good bit over the past couple of years, and whenever Hartley is mentioned they always point to how good of a recruiter he is. Not sure what that says about his coaching acumen. And given how poorly their special teams performed, I bet he was the first guy Diaz fired.

    I’m curious how much input, if any, Coley had on this hire.


    • Russ

      Given how bad their offense was, that’s why he was fired. Anything connected with that offense was let go by Diaz.


    • Otto

      Given Richt’s time in Athens and how he stated that the team ran out of time for special teams, I’ll hold off on judgement in that aspect. It is sort of a meh hire but, who would be an out of the ballpark hire for TEs?

      Some may say get a QBs coach but Fromm’s numbers are strong compared to Murray and Stafford.

      TEs seems like a good coach to have doubling some special teams time. The TEs could be working with OL or WRs while the coach is with the long snapper, holder, and kickers.