“Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance.”

File this under “Legalized Sports Betting, What Could Go Wrong?”.


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4 responses to ““Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance.”

  1. Russ.

    I saw that this morning and started reading it, but it quickly reminded me of why I don’t like sports betting.

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  2. Chopdawg

    They pulled the old Shut-out.


  3. Macallanlover

    Dang, that was short-sided of Draft Kings with the very possible chance of an overlap. A “if win” option could easily be added to the software. Interesting that he would won with the under bet and lost had he taken the Saints on the decision he was considering. We will never know what he would have played; perhaps he should be thankful he was denied a chance to lose any/all of the $320K profit he made by playing. But, I bet he finds a lawyer to pursue Draft Kings.


  4. Napoleon BonerFart

    “We will learn from this experience and improve upon the rules and experience for future events.”
    It sounds like a partnership with the NCAA is meant to be. Stacey Osburn could speak (or remain silent) for both.