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Et tu, broadcast partner?

Is this good?  I don’t think this is good.

The Big 12 is in the marketplace with three of its conference championship football games, including one that kicks off in just 11 months.

The conference has been shopping the 2019, 2021 and 2023 games to media companies over the last several months after Fox told Big 12 officials that it was not interested.

The Big 12 had hoped that Fox, one of its two primary media partners, would pick up the rights to the championship games in the odd-numbered years. Fox carried the 2017 game as part of a mediated settlement around conference expansion, paying about $25 million for its rights. But the network and the conference could not come to terms on the other three available games. Sources said the last offer made to Fox valued the game in the high teens.

Maybe slapping a conference title game on after a round robin regular season schedule for the purpose of getting that last bit of selection committee attention isn’t such a great marketing strategy.

These guys keep telling themselves they’re geniuses despite all evidence to the contrary.



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Bringing it all back home.

The new motto in Knoxville appears to be “if it worked once…”.

Fulmer came back as the athletic director.  Chaney is on his second stint as the offensive coordinator.  And now…

I didn’t know UT was so committed to recycling.


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A cannon shot in the facility arms race

You know how screwy college athletics are now?  Student-athletes have access to school-provided perks the typical student never sees, but the typical student can receive third-party compensation for things a student-athlete can’t.

If there’s some logical explanation for that, I’m all ears.


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Room to grow

When it comes to your Jimmies and Joes, depth matters, but so does elite talent.  With that in mind, check out PFF’s 101 best college football players and consider that Georgia has two on the list.

Alabama has three in the top ten.

Clemson has two in the top ten and seven overall.

It’s still a process, in other words.


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