Bringing it all back home.

The new motto in Knoxville appears to be “if it worked once…”.

Fulmer came back as the athletic director.  Chaney is on his second stint as the offensive coordinator.  And now…

I didn’t know UT was so committed to recycling.


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  1. 30904Dawg

    With Fulmer, Chaney, Martin, Friend, Sherrer and even Pruitt’s ballooning fat ass….Knoxville is starting to look like your local Jenny Craig. But not just for fat bodies, it’s for fat egos too. God, what an unhealthy looking bunch


  2. ASEF

    Back to the Future, I guess. At least the faces around Game Day will be familiar to the fans and boosters.


  3. Mayor

    Honestly, these changes are good for UT—and bad for us. The toothless mob lucked into a good hire with Pruitt, Chaney is a big improvement at OC and Tee Martin brings a lot of experience with him.


    • 30904Dawg

      The Pruitt hire is still out to jury, IMO. They certainly believe they hit the jackpot with him, but results and lack of improvement speak for themselves. And Chaney, experience-wise, is an upgrade; but Tyson Helton is a much more creative paly caller and schemer. Tennessee’s limited offensive talent will be hampered by Chaney’s limited range rather than boosted IMO. Tee Martin is the intriguing hire to me. Outside of one good season, he hasn’t done much as a coordinator. He can recruit, but we don’t even know what capacity (if any) he will be able to do that in. There is a lot of Fulmer’s touch on this staff, and I don’t know how that plays out long term for their football success. We will see!

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      • J-DawG

        My guess is that for now Martin will be QB coach and will be OC in waiting knowing that Chaney’s not going to be there more than 3 years at the most. Remember that Martin told rocky flop he wanted the OC position and wouldn’t return for anything less.

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        • RandallPinkFloyd

          Would make a lot of sense when you add in the fact that Chaney is basically a non factor in recruiting, which is Tee’s strength as of now.


    • Doug

      Tennessee can get the band back together all they want, but until David Cutcliffe walks through that door, I’m not concerned. His departure was when the Vol dynasty of the ’90s really started to show cracks.

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  4. 81Dog

    Is Adidas making XXXL Game Day Orange Overalls ® for the coaching staff this year? There was probably less fabric in the Georgia Dome roof than they will need to dress the wide load staff this year.


  5. Durtydawg

    Tee was once an elite recruiter. I can understand what Pruitt is trying to do. I still have reservations about Pruitt as a head coach and leader of men. I think he is a bit sensitive and hot headed. It’s no doubt he will bring in talent but I can’t envision them winning anything significant in a long time.


  6. Bright Idea

    I expected Tee to quickly land the OC job on Rocky Top when Helton left but he didn’t. Now after hearing his name at several other places he ends up there after Chaney was hired. Go figure.


  7. Granthams replacement

    They must have paid for another engine in his car to get him to Knoxville again.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Great move to sell tickets and get the fan base reengaged.

    It will make for a better game day atmosphere for sure.


  9. JasonC

    Probably a good deal for the Urange as the article says USC will pay Martin’s salary for the next 2 years. Pretty shrewd even if he’s a mediocre coach but a plus level recruiter.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    This is beginning to look like Phil Fulmer’s senile fantasy of re-living his glory years.

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  11. Go Dawgs!

    Tee Martin is a great recruiter, and he’s back at his alma mater. Tennessee has made some good moves lately.

    Tee Martin also doesn’t look like a former college and professional athlete. Maybe a lineman. My goodness.

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  12. RandallPinkFloyd

    I’m here for the Tee Martin jokes. The fat ones and the free car while in college ones. And any other ones for that matter.


  13. Will Trane

    Insurance policy.
    He could not help USC with all the recruit base and history.
    Chaney will be gone in 2-3 years.
    Probably why Pittman stayed even though Friend is there.
    Head coach at UT? Take a guess.
    He once coached there and now he is back on the sidelines.
    Fulmer. Pruitt is his assistant.
    Things do not move in ’19, Pruitt will leave it all to Fulmer and Martin.


    • Mayor

      If Pruitt has one good year somebody will offer him another HC job where he won’t have Fuller to deal with. I see a 10 win season in Pruitt’s future in another couple of years or so.


  14. Spur 21

    Regarding recycling – they have that large trashcan they can now re-purpose.

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  15. Will Trane

    Tee is the kind of coach the NCAA takes a look at, if you understand what I’m saying.
    But Fulmer is willing to push the envelope very far.


  16. Muttley

    Remember when Martin was banned from the UT sideline in Athens in 2002 for squealing in the press about the Western Union payoff (after it was proven)? I think they also took a wax dummy-(yikes!)- of him off display in Knoxville. Martin then admitted that there had been many other payoffs. The NCAA promptly sent Sgt. Schultz to investigate, but he found “…nothink- Nuh-THINK!”


  17. Muttley

    At a recruiting event, all the UT coaches will once again whip off their shirts and go Rocky Topless, a la Orgeron. This time the kids will throw up and suffer PTS.


  18. This is preparation for Pruitt heading out the door sooner rather than later…with no job title/function, tee is the “new urnge”coach in waiting


    • Muttley

      If you go by message boards, their fan base used to have a hang-up that their coaches had to have a “UT pedigree” and “bleed orange”. Currently all their staff seem to be former red and black bleeders (Agent Oranges?), but the succession of post-Fullamerde HCs (Kiffin, Dooley, Jones) may drive them back in that direction, if Pruitt flames out as well. I’d love to see ’em hire Martin.

      But let’s get JP and co. settled with first…


  19. Ellis

    I would argue Tee is a step up from Chaney. Buyer’s remorse in Knoxville?