But the salesman seemed so sincere when he sold me that car.

When the Jalen Hurts to Oklahoma news broke, I immediately thought of Jadon Haselwood, but I see MaconDawg beat me to the punch, so I’m outsourcing my snark.


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  1. 81Dog

    You’re wasting your breath. Haselwood would have to stop admiring himself in the mirror for 10 seconds to absorb the irony of the situation. The kid loves him some him. Long as he gets his touches, he good with it.

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    • Merk

      It was in reference to the coaches lying to players. Riley told the new QB they were not taking on any new QBs this year. I am sure Riley will just claim that was before their QB wanted to transfer, so they had no other options.


    • Greg

      exactly the way I feel….team game, not sure if he would have been a team player. Glad he found a home ……


  2. Granthams replacement

    These coaches are teaching life lessons, specifically people will lie to you with a straight face as they look you in the eye.


    • McTyre

      Unfortunately, that very vanity – athlete’s and parents’ alike – seems to get in the way of such coaches paying a price on the recruiting trail in subsequent years for their lack of integrity. Short memories or mentality of my-kid-is-too-for-them-to-even-think-about-treating-MY-kid-that-way?


  3. I hope it’s not that bad. I really try not to convict until they’re proven guilty.


  4. Russ.

    “Sure, coach said that to those other players but he was serious when he recruited me.” – every player recruited in the past 125 years.


  5. barneydawg

    I remember Coach Richt talking about Howard Schnellenberger recruiting him to Miami. Told him he was his #1 target and would start. Richt asked him then why was he recruiting a guy named Jim Kelly. Howard replied “Son, we need someone to back you up”.

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  6. Glenn - Newnan

    Hell son, you’re going to need a back-up.


  7. Comin' Down The Track

    Have fun catching all those passes from Hurts, Jadon! Oh, wait…


  8. gastr1

    I don’t get how the players, young as they are, aren’t more cynical/prepared for the way this actually works. Why do the players seek those kind of commitments from coaches, when they must know that coaches have to win by accumulating as much talent as possible; why do coaches follow through; and why do they end up upset about how it goes down? It’s as if everyone’s an innocent little naif. In this dayenage, even.


  9. ilini84

    Xin Loi hotshot


  10. Bulldog Joe

    To be honest, he is only renting from Hurts.


  11. The Dawg abides

    I was listening to talk radio yesterday after the Hurts news broke and they were predicting OU to be way more run heavy next season. Lots more zone read and RPO than straight air raid. Mayfield was primarily a passer who could run. Murray was a freak who could do both equally well (1k rushing and 4K+ passing). Hurts strengths overwhelmingly leans to running the ball. They have a 1k yard RB in Brooks and a near one (947) in Sermon. And they expect to get Rodney Anderson back. So, it looks like Hassle’wood is going to have to block after all. On top of that, I put a 50/50 chance on Riley jumping next year. A lot depends on what Kingsbury does this coming season.

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