“If this comes off, the question is: Does he call games or work the studio?”

Oh, FFS.  Haven’t we suffered enough already?

Sports TV viewers may see a lot more of Urban Meyer on TV this year than they thought they would. Fox Sports is close to finalizing a deal to hire the former Ohio State head coach as its star college football analyst, sources tell Sporting News.

Meyer, who won three national championships between Ohio State and Florida, is being given the choice to work either as a color commentator in the game booth or as a studio analyst at Fox, sources said. Citing serious health concerns, the 54-year-old Buckeyes coach retired after the 2019 Rose Bowl.

A Fox Sports spokeswoman declined comment to Sporting News Thursday night.

Fox just wrapped its most-watched college football regular season ever. The network envisions Meyer as the kind of big-time coaching name/TV talent who could potentially put its “Fox College Football Pregame” show on par with Kirk Herbstreit’s “College GameDay” at ESPN.

Cool.  Maybe Corch and Thom Brennaman can reminisce fondly about the GPOOE™.

If CBS ever loses the SEC to Fox, I’m gonna be one bummed mofo.


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32 responses to ““If this comes off, the question is: Does he call games or work the studio?”

  1. Faulkner

    Epic Fail. Hell, I’ll kick in for CBS to keep the SEC contract.


  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    Alexa….kill the tv audio.


  3. Doug

    Thank God I don’t have to worry about the Dawgs ever showing up on Fox. I am willing to go to great lengths to never have to watch this lying dipshit on TV.


  4. Trbodawg

    Certainly a Play Pen topic, but I wonder at what point does one “damage” ones career beyond repair. Ted Kennedy and Donald Trump come to mind. . .


    • Cousin Eddie

      Now days nothing makes an a$$hole’s career beyond repair. Both of those still have fans and Urban Liar is still respected in Ohio. Hell, Paterno is still idolized.


  5. Mayor

    Urns will undoubtedly be lecturing on ethics during his tv appearances too no doubt.


  6. Trbodawg

    From the article:

    “MORE: With Ryan Day, legendary Ohio State standards won’t change”

    Does this mean they’re going to re-hire Zach Smith?


  7. Athens Dog.

    Haven’t we suffered enough? Perfect.


  8. Hobnail_Boot

    So courageous.


  9. Cousin Eddie

    Please have a drunk Zach Smith on to do color commentary.

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    • McTyre

      Or drunken Zach Smith – think water that’s wet – tweet storms every time Coach Sociopath is on air.


      • AlphaDawg

        Related but unrelated, as a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I’ve always wanted to see a similar show but with ex slightly drunk, possibly angry coaches and commentators talking about the ball game, players, play calling and in game decision making live action style.


  10. Real content that I don’t subject myself to B10 pigskin.


  11. sniffer

    They deserve each other. Fox and Meyer I mean.


  12. Morris Day

    I’d rather hear Beth Mowins…


    • Texas Dawg

      Sadly I have to agree. I am SOOOOO thankful that it would be very rare indeed for one of our games to be on FOX. As others have said, pray for FOX to NEVER get the SEC contract.

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      • Russ

        I’ve gotten used to Screamin’ Gus Johnson, but I’ll quit watching if they put Corch on there.

        And yes, the dulcet tones of Beth Mowins are better.

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  13. UGA '97

    URBs should just get with OJ, they would make a fine duo.


  14. Dawg19

    “Let’s toss it down to our sideline reporter, Jerry Sandusky…”


  15. Jack Burton

    “If CBS ever loses the SEC to Fox, it will be the end of College Football”



  16. Hogbody Spradlin

    Back in the late 70’s a bar somewhere in middle America had a weekly raffle. The winner got the privilege of throwing a brick at the TV when Howard Cosell first showed his face. The bar used the proceeds to replace the TV.
    Might be time for a revival of that promotion.