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Like a fart in the wind

Quite the story from Bruce Feldman ($$):

A blowout​ national championship loss to​ Clemson may​ not​ have been the​ biggest​ shock​ Nick​ Saban​ got last week.

Four​ days later​​ in Tuscaloosa, Alabama was about to have its regular morning football staff meeting when Saban noticed someone was missing.

“Hey, where’s Dan?” Saban asked staffers, according to people with knowledge of the meeting, in reference to Dan Enos, the Tide’s quarterbacks coach who had just been promoted to become Alabama’s new offensive coordinator.

Turns out Dan bailed out quietly in the night for Miami without telling his boss.  As one ‘Bama staffer put it, “He moved out like the Colts.”

Not a good look for either, I’d say.  Enos quickly denied the report.

That’s nice, but an Alabama beat writer contradicted Enos.

Plus, track record.

Sure makes you wonder what, if any, conversations Enos had with Kirby about coming to Athens… not to mention how comfortable Kirby would have been as the agent behind Enos jumping ship as he did.



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