I couldn’t care less about the NFL…

… but this is pretty cool.

Y’all think that might come in handy on the recruiting trail?



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36 responses to “I couldn’t care less about the NFL…

  1. Aladawg

    Only thing is all three were recruited by a different coaching staff.


  2. Good for all three of them. DGDs.

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  3. Merk

    Also 1st school to have 2 1000 yard rushers in back to back years and all 4 were different players.

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  4. Bulldog Joe

    Patriots’ line and the backs dominated their game early and late. David Andrews with the jazz hands.


  5. Granthams replacement

    Too bad Marshal’s knees didn’t let him in the picture.


  6. Jack Burton

    Chubb would be Offensive ROY if it weren’t for a teammate of his names Baker Mayfield.

    Still awesome to see. Oh, and we have more NFL starting backs coming in the next 3 years. Go dawgs.


  7. Rex

    What could have been…


    • What could have been …

      Bobo could have not had Mason run a bootleg on 1st and goal in Columbia (and Gurley could have picked up the edge guy).

      McGarity could have not hung Gurley out to dry and suspended Gurley for 2 games without providing details.

      McGarity could have been more proactive to get Gurley back on the field for Florida rather than waiting until the week of the game to get the appeal in.

      Gurley could have not gotten hurt against Auburn.

      Richt could have not pooch kicked against Fech with the ensuing ability to get the game tied.


  8. Now that is some kinda DAWG porn……center fold style!

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  9. ugafidelis

    Herschel led us to the promised land but these are three of the damn finest Dawgs of all time.


  10. PTC DAWG

    Two great games yesterday.


  11. Seattle Dawg

    Which one had the highest yard per carry this season?

    Season totals





  12. Russ.

    Love Sony but man I hate the Patriots.


  13. california_dawg

    DGDs and UGA legends, all three of them. I’ll never forget Gurley’s first game/breakout party at UGA, when we immediately knew we had someone special as he ran that kickoff return for a TD on his first play. It’s been such a thrill to watch genuinely good kids like Gurley, Chubb and Michel go from young college players who brought UGA football back to relevancy to NFL superstars, not to mention multimillionaires.

    I’m not that emotionally invested in the NFL but I’ll be cheering for both of them each time they get the ball.


  14. W Cobb Dawg

    If I’m McGee or Kirby I send that pic to every 5 star RB recruit. Then its just a matter of pressing the answer button on the phone.

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  15. Bigshot

    It didn’t help this year. Both Emery and Sanders went somewhere else and UGA got caught holding the short straw


    • california_dawg

      Michel/Gurley weren’t in the super bowl last recruiting cycle. Our RB room will always be crowded so it’s foolish to expect us to land every 5 star back. Doesn’t mean we won’t continually field the best RBs in the country.


    • Macallanlover

      Emery went back home to LSU. Had they not righted the ship when they did and turned the fan base around, we would have kept him, imo. Sanders was a loss, one we might not have taken if Holyfield’s decision was before ESD. As calidawg states below, we aren’t ever going to get everyone, but our philosophy of sharing carries and the OL success we are enjoying will keep us attracting solid candidates.

      I am not concerned about our running game with Swift, Herrien, Cook, Zeus, and McIntosh on board. Cook needs another 10+ pounds to become a between the tackles back, and Zeus will have to get comfortable with those rebuilt knees, but we have time to bring another stud or two on board before we become needy. I kind of hope we don’t have two backs go for over a thousand this season, want to see a little more passing through out the game with a good mix directed toward backs and TEs. The run will always be a factor in UGA’s offense but we need more of a mix to keep defenses honest. Not arguing with our results, just feel we could be more dangerous than we have shown.